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, XH 2 O in , initial mole fraction of H 2 O of the C-H-O fluid loaded in the capsule

). and A. , H 2 O melt (wt%), dissolved melt water content determined following the method of Scaillet and Macdonald, 2006.

. Devine, H 2 O melt by-diff (wt%), dissolved melt water content determined with the by difference method of, 1995.

, fH 2 (bar), hydrogen fugacity at experimental conditions obtained from the solid sensor or from the empirical relationship of Di Carlo, 2010.

, fO 2 , logarithm of the oxygen fugacity (bar) calculated from the experimental fH 2 obtained from the solid sensors (see the text)

, ?NNO log fO 2 -logfO 2 of the NNO and QFM buffer calculated at P and T respectively from Pownceby and O"Neill, 1994.

, PH 2 , hydrogen pressure loaded in the vessel at room temperature. Crystal content, values indicate the phase abundance in the charge (in wt %). Gl, glass; Cpx, clinopyroxene; Fa, fayalite

, Ilm, ilmenite; Qz, quartz

. Amph, R 2 , value indicate the square residuals