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E. Evgeny and . Perkovsky, Supervision, Writing-Original draft preparation. Ekaterina V. Martynova: Investigation, Writing-Original draft preparation. Toshiharu Mita: Resources, Methodology. Massimo Olmi: Conceptualization, Writing-Reviewing and Editing. Yan Zheng: Resources, Writing-Editing. Patrick Müller: Resource, Writing-Editing. Qi Zhang: Resources, Writing-Reviewing and Editing. Flavie Gantier: Visualization, Data curation. Vincent Perrichot: Resources

, ?The authors declare the following financial interests/personal relationships which may be considered as potential competing interests

, Table 1. Diversity and distribution of world Sclerogibbidae. Abbreviations of zoogeographical regions: Afr, = Afrotropical

. Au, ;. Australasian, and . Or, = Oriental; Nea. = Nearctic; Neo. = Neotropical; Pal. = Palaearctic. Genera Species Distribution ?Burmasclerogibba gen. nov. ?B. aptera sp, Burmese amber

C. Yasumatsu, ;. Extant-afr, . Neo, and . Or, Pal. ?Chosia Fujiyama, 1994 ?C. yamadai Japanese amber, Aptian (121-122 Ma) ?Cretosclerogibba gen. nov. ?C. antennalis sp. nov. Burmese amber, vol.3, 1958.

, ?Edrossia gen. nov. ?E. vetusta sp. nov. Burmese amber, Cenomanian (99 Ma) ?Gallosclerogibba gen. nov. ?G. alnensis sp. nov. French amber

, Probethylus Ashmead, 1902 ?P. poinari Dominican amber, Miocene (15-20 Ma) 2 extant Afr., Nea., Neo. ?Pterosclerogibba Olmi, ?P, 2004.

S. Reggio and &. Stefani-perez, Cenomanian (99 Ma) 15 extant Afr, ?S. embioleia Lebanese amber, pp.125-129, 1888.

. Ma,