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, Cross-sections x-y and y-z indicate location of Fig. 12a. Pt: Parry thrust

U. Martial and . Pluton, UPA: Ushuaia Peninsula Andesites, JP: Jeu-Jepén pluton, 1268 MP: Moat pluton, BP: Bahía Pía, BT: Bahía Thetis

, Figure 4: Time constraints for the deformations recorded in the Fuegian thrust-fold 1271

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, Notice the lack of intense deformation in pictures a 1283 (person for scale) and b, from the main body of the intrusion, Outcrop photographs of the Ushuaia Peninsula Andesites (UPA) and host 1282 rock (Yahgan Formation, YG), vol.5

, Formation shows slight folding and cleavage away from the main body of the intrusion 1285 (scale is 6 cm long)

, Photomicrographs of cleavage in the dike of picture d, plane-polarized light. Note 1288 horizontal pressure-solution seams with wriggly morphology defined by opaque 1289 insoluble residue, Pl: plagioclase, Hbl: hornblende (chloritized)

, Beauvoir Formation) with scarce pressure-solution 1291 seams (from upper-right to lower-left) reflecting the prior cleavage, which is 1292 obliterated by recrystallization of the plagioclase + quartz (Qz) groundmass, 1293 dissemination of insoluble residue inherited from the pressure-solution seams, and 1294 growth of biotite, Hornfels from the Jeu-Jepén pluton

, Brittle-1298 ductile shear zones (BDZS) are numbered for reference to picture b. Location of 1299 photographs c-j is shown. b. Panoramic photograph with depiction of major structures 1300 as shown in a. Acronyms are for stratigraphic units in the map. c-d. Outcrop (backpack 1301 for scale) and close-up view of cataclastic fabrics in thrust zones. e. S-C type fabric 1302 showing top-to-north component of movement. f. Cataclasite block revealing faulted 1303 folds (horizontal trace) affecting an older transposition foliation (alternating lighter 1304 and darker bands). Encircled 23-mm coin for scale. g. Photomicrograph of a cataclasite 1305 from a thrust zone affecting older quartz-mica schist, cross-polarized light

, Crenulation of a previous foliation in the upper flat of the BDSZ 1. Scale is 6 cm long

S. , type fabric showing northeastward component of displacement in the detachment 1310 zone. k. Cross-section

, Panoramic photograph of the structure at Arroyo Velazquito. The 1314 detachment near the base of the Beauvoir Formation is folded by a large antiform

, b-d. Details of brittle-ductile fault fabrics in the 1317 detachment zone (located in a), superposed on older foliations and folds. In b, s-c type 1318 fabrics show a component of northward displacement (notice that north points to the 1319 lower left). 6-cm scale highlighted, Towards the north, the beds dip northwards with progressively shallower angles 1316 (values given in dip direction/dip)

, Schematic description and examples of D1 CB structures (a) and D2 CB -D1 FB 1323 structures (b), further explained in section 6. S0: bedding, J: Jurassic and older, vol.8, p.1324

, Ku: Upper Cretaceous. Cross-sections are idealized and not to scale, Lower Cretaceous, p.1325