, stitut für Weltraumforschung,Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften

L. Brandstätter and C. Ferrière, Koeberl from the Natural History Museum Vienna for providing bulk meteorite samples as well as H. Krüger for technical assistance in the COSIMA RM operations and sample handling. The support of the national funding agencies of Germany (DLR, grant 50 QP 1302), France (CNES), Austria (Austrian Science Fund, FWF, project P 26871-N20), Finland and the ESA Technical Directorate is gratefully acknowledged. AB acknowledges support from the CNES and the Labex Exploration

, SS acknowledges funding from the Swedish National Space Board (contracts 121/11 and 198/15). We thank the Rosetta Science Ground Segment at ESAC, the Rosetta Mission Operations Centre at ESOC and the Rosetta Project at ESTEC for their outstanding work enabling the science return of the Rosetta Mission

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