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, The dark grey filled lines represent the data collected from the northern part of the Shibei pluton. * The asterisk indicates site with negative site-mean T value

, Site: sampling site, Lat.: Latitude, Lon.: Longitude, Alt.: Altitude, n: number of specimens of each sampling site

, Lithology: BG: biotite granite, PG: porphyritic granite, FM: fine grained monzogranite, FBG: fine grained biotite granite

, Km: bulk magnetic susceptibility, P J : corrected degree of susceptibility anisotropy, T: shape parameter of the AMS ellipsoid, K 1 : magnetic lineation, K 3 : pole of magnetic foliation

, Formulae to calculate the AMS parameters: Km= (K 1 +K 2 +K 3 )/3, P J =exp {sqr, p.3