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. Tarissan and . Lake, Panel b) Chronogram of SO 2 concentration (ppm) at South Crater (permanent MultiGas station)

, Solid lines in each panel represent moving averages of 50 events, according to the expression for seismic rate (see text). a pure normal-faulting mechanism, whose strike, dip and rake (for the two possible planes) are shown on the map. The optimal epicentral location (lat=16.08, lon=-61.66) is consistent with the location determined by arrival times, FIGURE 13 Chronogram of Vp/Vs ratio, calculated from the Wadati method, 1933.

, He/CH 4 vs CO 2 /CH 4 (panel b), He/CH 4 vs He/H 2 O (panel c) and He/CH 4 vs He/H 2 S (panel d), showing a He-rich hydrothermal component (meteoric-local hydrothermal line) mixing with a deep, magma-derived gas component. Secondary effects due to either steam condensation or boiling can be observed in panel c. These effects due to either scrubbing or hydrothermal sulphur remobilization can be observed in panel d. See Supplementary Material for discussion on error bars

. Moretti, showing the April perturbation (red ellipse). H 2 S is used for total sulphur, FIGURE 16, 2013.

). and C. , Note that data tend to define a baseline at 340°C, corresponding to the base temperature of the current hydrothermal liquid. Different single-step vapour separation (svss) lines are plotted for different temperatures, connecting the saturated liquid and the saturated vapour. Blue lines are common loci for vapour separation occurring at 100°C (solid line) and 300°C (dashed line). Horizontal error bars are ±11%, or within symbol size if not shown. For CSC sample, vertical error bars are ±10%, or within symbol size if not shown. In both cases, errors account for the average long-term external reproducibility on gas concentration measurements in our laboratory, by averaging measurements on replicate successive samplings. Therefore, they greatly exaggerate the purely instrumental error, which is contained within symbol size. See also Table 1 for errors on concentration measurements and the Supplementary Material for additional details, FIGURE 17. Plot of the sum of chemical log-ratios within the H 2 O-CO 2 -H 2 -CO-CH 4 system. See Chiodini and Marini (1998) for details on the construction of the diagram, 1976.

C. La-soufrière and . Site, This gives ±8 for the steam/gas ratio, ±11% for C/S, ±9% for CO 2 /CH 4 , ±7% for He/CH 4 , ±6% for H 2 /H 2 O, ±9% for CO/CO 2 , ±10% for CO 2 /He, ±5% for H 2 O/CH 4 and fedding summit fumaroles

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