, The grey zone delimits A = ±0.06 outside which 654 asymmetry values are significant. The intervals are closed on the right

, Examples of positively asymmetric infilled craters, all images are oriented with the 658 pole towards the bottom of the image and the equator towards the top (arrowheads point 659 north) and all scale bars are 1 km

, Terra Cimmeria, showing evidence of flow of material away from the pole-facing wall. 661 CTX image: P15_006894_1417. B: Crater at 43.44°S, 156.43°E with an asymmetry of, vol.1, p.14

, Terra Cimmeria, showing no evidence of flow, but asymmetric deposition. CTX image: 663 P17_007751_1349. C: Crater at 47.52°N, 8.68°W with asymmetry of 0.21 in Acidalia, p.664

, this deposit continues up onto the pole-665 facing crater wall and it absent from the equator-facing wall. The equator-facing wall also 666 hosts a suite of small gully-like landforms. CTX image: B21_017646_2281. D: Crater at 667 31.16°S, 12.92°E in with asymmetry of 0.09 in Noachis Terra. In this case the infill shows no 668 evidence of being ice-rich, but deposition of material at the base of the pole-facing wall 669, Planitia with classic Concentric Crater Fill (CFF)

, Diagram to illustrate the calculation of thickness of deposition (Th) required to 673 produce observed asymmetries (Eq. 4). S p is the slope of the pole-facing wall, vol.7