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S. Jégo, 2010) give information about the adakitic imprint of the starting materials. bdl: below detection limit (here, < 30 ppm); see text for details

. Liu, gl; micas; vap H2O glass: water content in silicate glass in wt.% (± 1?); S glass: sulfur content in silicate glass in ppm (± 1?); log XS: logarithm of sulfur mole fraction in silicate glass Au glass: gold content in silicate glass in ppb (± 1?); log XAu: logarithm of the gold mole fraction in silicate glass; aH2O and fH2O: water activity of the charge (± 1?) and corresponding water fugacity, respectively; log fO2: oxygen fugacity of the charge (± 1?) ?NNO: difference between log fO2 of the charge and log fO2 of the Ni-NiO equilibrium at the same pressure and temperature. log fS2 in sulfur-bearing charges was calculated from the expression of ?FFS: difference between log fS2 of the charge and log fS2 of the iron-pyrrhotite equilibrium at the same pressure and temperature. log fSO2 and log fH2S were obtained by using the equilibrium constants of Ohmoto and Kerrick, fH2 values were calculated from the fO2 inside the sensor capsule taking fH2O = f°H2O. XCo values are the average proportions of Co in the solid sensor alloys. t is the experimental duration in hours, pp.17-18, 1977.