. Fig, Sketch structural map of SE Afar emphazing the role of inherited NS discontinuities 298 on (1) the propagation of the Aden and Ghoubbet-Asal-Manda-Inakir incipient plate 299 boundaries, and (2) initiation of the corresponding volcanic rifted margin (Makarassou 300 belt). 1. <1 Ma rifted zones Makarassou flexure, pp.3-4

M. Stratoid and G. Basalts, Pre-Stratoid volcanics. A. Asal ; Ar. Arta, p.302

. Ghoubbet and . Mfs, Makarassou fault system ; MI. Manda Inakir ; MT. Maskali 303 transform. 3B. Conceptual model for the origin of outward-dipping extensional faults in 304 wedges of flood basalts. 3C. Development of riftward-flexuring and antithetic 305 extensional faulting along the SE Afar margin, p.306