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A. Sulu and U. B. , Sulu ultrahigh-pressure Belt, TNCB: Trans-North China Belt, TLF: Tan-Lu Fault. (b) Simplified geological map of Jiaodong Peninsula (Shandong Province). LL: Linglong massif, GJL: Guojialing massif

. Guojialing-granodiorite, Polished hand specimen showing a moderate C/S fabric in the Guojialing pluton inside the Guojialing shear zone showing a top-to-the NW kinematic (L=N130E) (c) Tracing of a photograph showing a strong C/S fabric with a top-to-the NW kinematic (L=N132E). (d) Photomicrograph of recrystallised quartz aggregates showing solid-state deformation in mylonitic rocks of the Guojialing pluton. (e) Field structural crosssection in the Guojialing massif with diagram of strain intensity modelling (Fig. 3b)