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. Fig, Lithostratigraphic successions on the Lucipara (6) and Halmahera blocks (9a) and Obi Island (9b). 1 ? Metamorphic basement; 2 ? Volcano-sedimentary rocks; 3 ? Ophiolites; 4 ? Radiolarites; 5 ? Sandstones; 6 ? Conglomerates; 7 ? Limestones; 8 ? Reefal platforms; 9 ? Shales; 10 ? Granitic basement; a ? Unconformity

. Fig, Lithostratigraphic successions on the Seram (7) and Banggai?Sula (8) blocks and on the ?Irian Jaya Autochthonous?, ?Bird's Head terranes? (10a) and ?Irian Jaya Allochthonous? (10b). 1 ? Metamorphic basement; 2 ? Basalts; 3 ? Volcano-sedimentary rocks; 4 ? Ophiolites

. Amphibolites, 10 ? Shales; 11 ? Granitic or dioritic intrusions; a ? Unconformity

. Fig, Seram (7) and Banggai?Sula (8) blocks. 1 ? Presumed Lucipara block; 2 ? Presumed Banggai?Sula block; 3 ? Seram back-arc basin; 4 ? Presumed Seram block; 5 ? Presumed Sinta Ridge terrane; 6 ? Irian Jaya central ophiolite; 7 ? Tamrau and Danau Jamar terranes; 8 ? Bird's Head Kemum terrane, 9 ? Onin-Lingurru terrane; 10 ? Misool Island and the Irian Jaya stable platform; 11 ? Melanesian Mobile belt; 12 ? Subduction zone; 13 ? Thrust; 14 ? Strike-slip fault. For the abbreviations see Fig. 2 and Fig. 3. IJ = Irian Jaya island, The Irian Jaya block IJPFP = Irian Jaya Papuan Fold belt, C.b = Cenderawasih basin, ATFZ = Aiduna?Tarera fault zone

. Fig, 8a ? Early Triassic: (4) Timor Kolonodale and 6 ? Lucipara block; 7 ? Seram block; 8 ? Banggai?Sula blocks location before their detachment from the Gondwana margin. 8b ? Middle Eocene: (4) Timor and (5) Kolonodale blocks are approaching the Eurasian margin close to Java and Sulawesi. 6 ? Lucipara; 7 ? Seram, Palaeogeographic maps ? Halmahera and 10 ? Irian Jaya blocks are still attached to the Australian continent. Common abbreviations for Fig. 10a and b: Atl.o.: Atlantic Ocean; Pal.Tet.o.: Paleo-Tethys Ocean, 1987.

. O. Tet, Tethys Ocean Indian Ocean Af: Africa; Ant: Antarctica; Ar: Arabia; Aus: Australia; EU: Europa; GRL: Groenland; Him: Himalaya; I: India; Indo: Indochina; M: Madagascar; Ma: Malaysia, North America

. Fig, Lucipara block (6) is close to Buton Island in the south-eastern part of Sulawesi and Seram (7) and Banggai?Sula blocks (8) moved to the West, away from Irian Jaya. Kolbano (Kbo) and Tanimbar 2 (Tnb2) terranes belong to the Australian margin. 1 ? Eurasian plate; 2 ? Indo-Australian plate; 3 ? Ph.p.: Philippine plate and Pac.p.: Pacific plate; 4 ? Timor block; 5 ? Kolonodale block; 6 ? Lucipara block Bb: Babar, Palaeogeographic map by the Middle Miocene time (15 Ma, 1995.

. Cel and . Sea, Celebes Sea; Ha: Halmahera; Ind: Indochina; Kbo: Kolbano terrane; KFZ: Kalao fault zone; IJ: Irian Jaya Mobile belt; Jv: Java; Ma: Malaysia

M. Str, Makassar strait; ML.Tr: Manila Trench; Mol.Sea: Moluccas Sea; N.Sul: North Sulawesi; Ph: Philippine block; Sol: Solomon Islands; Su: Sumba; Tm: Timor; Tnb1: Ungar Island