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. Fig, HI-Tmax diagram for the studied samples of the Shemshak Group in the Alborz Range 905 showing the mature to over-mature state of organic matter. Samples from Hive locality are 906 coals and coaly facies which are clearly related to Type III kerogen whereas samples from 907 other localities plot in the area of Type IV (altered) organic matter

. Fig, Optical microphotographs of dispersed OM in the samples from the Shemshak Group 914 (incident white light): A. Dark grey vitrinite, CCS units, Damavand section. B. Vitrinite with 915 a lot of pyrite, UTS unit, Jajarm section, Autochthonous vitrinite (AV) and reworked 916

. Mature-sample, Tazareh section. H. Semifusinite with cellular structure and pyrites 922 framboids, mature sample

E. Fusinite, Microfractures within pure homogenous vitrinite showing pinch and swell 929 structure, F: Selected concentrations of cracks and cavities in a vitrinite-dominated part of 930 coal, filled by solid bitumen, G: Parallel microfractures in vitrinite with disseminated pyrites, p.931

. Fig, Burial geohistory curves of the Shemshak Group (grey area) and overlying sediments 939

. Fig, Transformation ratio of kerogen and the timing of maturation for the basal black 950 shales at Tazareh section according different heat flow values