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Agreement between floristic and soil organic carbon isotope (13C/12C, 14C) indicators of forest invasion of savannas during the last century, in Cameroon.
Guillet B., Achoundong G., Youta Happi J., Kamgang Kebeye Beyala V., Bonvallot J., Riera B., Mariotti A., Schwartz D.
Journal of Tropical Ecology 17 (2001) 809-832 [hal-00089763 - version 1]
fulltext access Pollen-rain-vegetation relationships along a forest-savanna transect in southeastern Cameroon
Vincens A., Dubois M.A., Guillet B., Achoundong G., Buchet G., Kamgang Kebeye Beyala V., De Namur C.
Review of Paleobotany and Palynology 110 (2000) 191-208 [hal-00115226 - version 1]