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Cluster investigations on the reformation of perpendicular Earths bow shock
Mazelle C., Lembège B., Morgenthaler A., Meziane K., Rauch J.-L., Trotignon J.-G., Lucek E.A., Dandouras I.
17th CLUSTER International Workshop, Sweden (2009) [hal-00782926 - version 1]
fulltext access Advances in multi-elementary analysis of fluid or solid micro-crystalline inclusions (12
Ramboz C., Strivay D., Sauvage T., Rouer O., Gallien J.P., Gama S.
XIII All-Russian conference on thermobarogeochemistry in conjunction with IV APIFIS symposium, Russie, Fédération De (2008) [insu-00331670 - version 1]
Holocene Fire regime in Mediterranean ecosystems: the record of Lago dell'Accesa (Tuscany, Italy)
Vannière B., Colombaroli D., Chapron E., Tinner W., Magny M.
Colloque ECLIPSE II CNRS, France (2007) [hal-00515216 - version 1]
Climate and Human impact on Mediterranean fire regime during the Holocene in Tuscany (Italy)
Vannière B., Colombaroli D., Chapron E., Tinner W., Magny M.
GEOITALIA 2007 International Symposium, Italy (2007) [hal-00515211 - version 1]
Retrieving the EUV Solar Spectrum from a Selected Set of Lines for Space Weather Purposes: A Review of Theories, Models and Experiments
Lilensten J., Dudok De Wit T., Kretzschmar M., Amblard P.O., Moussaoui S., Aboudarham J., Auchère F.
Third European Space Weather Week, Belgium (2006) [insu-00366081 - version 1]
Apport de la pétrologie expérimentale à la définition du risque volcanique au Vésuve.
Scaillet B.
Genève, Switzerland (2006) [hal-00103868 - version 1]
Sulfur in hydrous oxidized basaltic magmas: phase equilibria and melt solubilities.
Pichavant M.
AGU spring Meeting, United States (2006) [hal-00093740 - version 1]
Propriétés physico-chimiques des verres et liquides silicatés - Dissolution des gaz.
Pichavant M.
GDR CNRS Verres, France (2006) [hal-00093735 - version 1]
First step of self-organization at the surface of growing nacre: evidence of the compartment
Rousseau M., Meilbom A., Lopez E., Bourrat X.
Gordon Research Conference on Biomineralization, United States (2006) [hal-00092051 - version 1]
Forecasting the next eruptive event at Mount Vesuvius using experimental constraints.
Scaillet B.
Bristol, United Kingdom (2005) [hal-00103866 - version 1]