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Carbon and oxygen isotope fractionations between aragonite and calcite of shells from modern molluscs
Lécuyer C., Hutzler A., Amiot R., Daux V., Grosheny D., Otero O., Martineau F., Fourel F., Balter V., Reynard B.
Chemical Geology 332 (2012) 92-101 [hal-00829889 - version 1]
fulltext access Pressure-temperature estimates of the lizardite/antigorite transition in high pressure serpentinites.
Schwartz S., Guillot S., Reynard B., Lafay R., Debret B., Nicollet C., Lanari P., Auzende A. L.
Lithos 178 (2012) 197-210 [insu-00854214 - version 1]
Persistent non-solar forcing of Holocene storm dynamics in coastal sedimentary archives
Sorrel P., Debret M., Billeaud I., Jaccard S. L., Mcnanus J. F., Tessier B.
Nature geoscience 5 (2012) 892-896 [hal-00770537 - version 1]
Tracing the Oligocene-Miocene Evolution of the Western Alps Drainage Divide with Pebble Petrology, Geochemistry, and Raman Spectroscopy of Foreland Basin Deposits
Jourdan S., Bernet M., Schwartz S., Guillot S., Tricart P., Chauvel C., Dumont T., Montagnac G., Bureau S.
Journal of Geology 120, 6 (2012) 603-624 [hal-00832714 - version 1]
Complete genome sequence of the thermophilic, piezophilic, heterotrophic bacterium Marinitoga piezophila KA3.
Lucas S., Han J., Lapidus A., Cheng J.-F., Goodwin L. A., Pitluck S., Peters L., Mikhailova N., Teshima H., Detter J. C. et al
Journal of Bacteriology 194, 21 (2012) 5974-5 [hal-00773159 - version 1]
Reconstruction of Tertiary palaeovalleys in the South Alpine Foreland Basin of France (Eocene-Oligocene of the Castellane arc)
Grosjean A.-S., Pittet B., Ferry S., Mahéo G., Gardien V.
Sedimentary Geology 275 (2012) 1-21 [hal-00768299 - version 1]
The Hauterivian-Barremian lignitic bone bed of Angeac (Charente, south-west France): stratigraphical, palaeobiological and palaeogeographical implications
Néraudeau D., Allain R., Ballevre M., Batten D. J., Buffetaut E., Colin J.P., Dabard M.P., Daviero-Gomez V., El Albani A., Gómez B. et al
Cretaceous Research 37 (2012) 1-14 [hal-00835453 - version 1]
fulltext access A global shear velocity model of the upper mantle from fundamental and higher Rayleigh mode measurements
Debayle E., Ricard Y.
Journal of Geophysical research-solid earth 117 (2012) B10308 [hal-00772407 - version 1]
fulltext access Les isotopes des métaux de transition (Cu, Fe, Zn) au service de l'anthropologie
Jaouen K.
Ecole normale supérieure de lyon - ENS LYON (19/10/2012), Vincent Balter (Dir.) [tel-00781645 - version 1]
STAR - Dépôt national des thèses électroniques
Linking continental drift, plate tectonics and the thermal state of the Earth's mantle
Rolf T., Coltice N., Tackley P.J.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 351 (2012) 134-146 [hal-00829956 - version 1]
Pd-Ag chronology of volatile depletion, crystallization and shock in the Muonionalusta IVA iron meteorite and implications for its parent body
Horan M. F., Carlson R.W., Blichert-Toft J.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 351 (2012) 215-222 [hal-00786173 - version 1]
fulltext access Dynamique des fluides et des transports appliquée à la Terre primitive
Ulvrová M.
Ecole normale supérieure de lyon - ENS LYON (15/10/2012), Stéphane Labrosse;Nicolas Coltice (Dir.) [tel-00776472 - version 1]
STAR - Dépôt national des thèses électroniques
Asymmetric dynamics of the inner core and impact on the outer core
Alboussiere T., Deguen R.
Journal of Geodynamics 61 (2012) 172-182 [hal-00829975 - version 1]
Des microbes repoussent les limites de la vie
Oger P. M., Franzetti B.
Biofutur -Paris-, 336 (2012) 36-39 [hal-00829758 - version 1]
100-million-year flowers from France studied with propagation phase-contrast x-Ray microtomography
Moreau J.D., Tafforeau P., Gomez B., Néraudeau D.
"A light of Science", Science and Student Days of the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, France (2012) [insu-00816849 - version 1]
fulltext access Détection d'ADN par spectroscopie SERRS et interactions entre nucléotides et surfaces des minéraux phyllosilicatés ferromagnésiens dans le contexte de l'origine de la Vie
Feuillie C.
Ecole normale supérieure de lyon - ENS LYON (28/09/2012), Isabelle Daniel (Dir.) [tel-00786961 - version 1]
STAR - Dépôt national des thèses électroniques
Evidence for dietary change but not landscape use in South African early hominins
Balter V., Braga J., Telouk P., Thackeray J.
Nature 489, 7417 (2012) 558-560 [hal-00786170 - version 1]
Coudoulous I in Quercy (SW France): from marginal scavenging to a kill-butchery site for Preneandertal
Jaubert J., Brugal J.-P., Venditti F., Hernandez M., Boudadi-Maligne M., Argant A., Bahain J.-J., Couchoud I., Falguères C., Fernandez P. et al
European Society for the study of Human Evolution - 2nd Annual Meeting, France (2012) [halshs-00757365 - version 1]
Stable carbon and oxygen isotope compositions of invertebrate carbonate shells and the reconstruction of paleotemperatures and paleosalinities-A case study of the early Pleistocene of Rhodes, Greece
Lecuyer C., Daux V., Moissette P., CORNEE J.-J., Quillevere F., Koskeridou E., Fourel F., Martineau F., Reynard B.
Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology / Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology and Palaeoecology 350 (2012) 39-48 [hal-00767568 - version 1]
Strength and geometry of the glacial Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation
Lippold J., Luo Y., Francois R., Allen S. E., Gherardi J., Pichat S., Hickey B., Schulz H.
Nature geoscience 5, 11 (2012) 813-816 [hal-00786174 - version 1]