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fulltext access Renewed uplift of the Central Andes Forearc revealed by coastal evolution during the Quaternary
Regard V., Saillard M., Martinod J., Audin L., Carretier S., Pedoja K., Riquelme R., Paredes P., Hérail G.
[hal-00492568 - version 1] (16/06/2010)
fulltext access Characterization of Fault Roughness at Various Scales: Implications of Three-Dimensional High Resolution Topography Measurements
Candela T., Renard F., Bouchon M., Brouste A., Marsan D., Schmittbuhl J., Voisin C.
[hal-00326981 - version 1] (07/10/2008)
fulltext access TrackDip: a multi-scale processing of dipmeter data. Method, tests, and field example for 3D description of gravity-driven deformations in the Eocene foreland basin of Ainsa, Spain
Basile C., Pécher A., Corazzi M., Odonne F., Maillard A., Jean Debroas E., Callot P.
[hal-00124633 - version 2] (12/03/2008)
fulltext access Phreatomagmatic eruption during the buildup of a Triassic carbonate platform (Oman Exotics): eruptive style, associated deformations, and implications on CO2 release by volcanism
Basile C., Chauvet F.
[hal-00116078 - version 1] (24/11/2006)
fulltext access The Conduits of Magmatic Ore Deposits
Arndt N.
[hal-00016854 - version 1] (12/01/2006)
fulltext access Sedimentary record of terminal Cretaceous accretions in Ecuador: the Yunguilla Group in the Cuenca area
Jaillard E., Bengtson P., Ordoñez M., Vaca W., Dhondt A. V., Suárez J., Toro Álava J.
[hal-00128997 - version 1] (05/02/2007)