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A 7000 years multirecord of flood activity in NW Alps foreland : possible links to North Atlantic area Holocene climate
Arnaud F., Revel-Rolland M., Chapron E., Desmet M., Thouveny N., Disnar J.R., Tribovillard N.
9th International Paleolimnology Symposium, Finlande (2003) [hal-00144612 - version 1]
Multidisciplinary study of Rhone river floods clastic supply to Lake Le Bourget (NW Alps, France) : toward a 7000 year reconstruction of paleoprecipitations and a NAO proxy in the Alpine range
Chapron E., Arnaud F., Desmet M., Revel M., Thouveny N., Magand O., Mélières M.-A., De Putter T., Loutre M.F.
Simposio de cambio Global : hacia una visión sistémica, Chili (2003) [hal-00144374 - version 1]
A 7000 yearsrecord of Rhône-river flooding activity in Lac du Bourget (France) : connections with Holocene climatic variability in North Atlantic area
Arnaud F., Chapron E., Revel M., Desmet M., Tribovillard N.
EUG-EGS-AGU Joint Assembly, France (2003) [hal-00144447 - version 1]
Source variable of the Bourget Lake sediment between LIA and older sediments : climatic implications
Revel-Rolland M., Arnaud F., Chapron E., Desmet M.
EUG-EGS-AGU Joint Assembly, France (2003) [hal-00144325 - version 1]
Two Holocene abrupt climatic changes recorded in the Laffrey Lake long core (Western French Alps)
Desmet M., Kaiser J., Nomade J., Chapron E., Reyss J.-L., Trentesaux A.
EUG-EGS-AGU Joint Assembly, France (2003) [hal-00144323 - version 1]
Multidisciplinary study of Holocene sedimentation in lakes Icalma and Puyehue (Chilean Lake District, SW Andes): First results and implications for climate variability reconstructions
Chapron E., De Batist M., Fagel N., Pino M., Urrutia R., Charlet F., Brümmer R., San Martin W., Mora A., De Rycker K. et al
IGBP, Chili (2003) [hal-00115694 - version 1]
Multidisciplinary study of Holocene sedimentation in lakes Icalma and Puyehue, Chilean Lake District, SW Andes
De Batist M., Chapron E., Fagel N., Pino M., Urrutia R., Loutre M.-L., Charlet F., De Rycker K., Bertrand S., Boës X. et al
EGS-AGU-EUG Joint Assembly, France (2003) [hal-00115623 - version 1]