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Evolution of the Petrophysical and Mineralogical Properties of Two Reservoir Rocks Under Thermodynamic Conditions Relevant for CO2 Geological Storage at 3 km Depth
Rimmelé G., Barlet-Gouédard V., Renard F.
Oil & Gas Science and Technology 65 (2010) 565-580 [insu-00553487 - version 1]
El Altiplano norte de Bolivia: evolucion geologica terceria
Hérail G., Rochat P., Baby P., Aranibar O., Mascle G.
Revista geológica de Chile (2009) in press [insu-00411656 - version 1]
Investigating large igneous province formation and associated paleoenvironmental events: a white paper for scientific drilling
Neal C. R., Coffin M. F., Arndt N., Duncan R., Eldholm O., Erba E., Farnetani C., Fitton J., Ingle S., Ohkouchi N. et al
Scientific Drilling 6 (2008) 1 à 15 pages [insu-00403324 - version 1]
Hannibal and the Alps: unravelling the invasion route
Mahaney W.C., Kapran B., Tricart P.
Geology Today 24, 6 (2008) 223 à 230 [insu-00403314 - version 1]
Archean environment : the habitat of early life (ArchEnviron) - Peering into the cradle of life.
Arndt N.
European Science Foundation - Newsletter 3 (2007) 3 [insu-00403342 - version 1]
Nd, Pb isotope and trace element signatures of the Triassic volcanism in Albania
Tashko A., Mascle G., Muceku B., Lapierre H.
Bul. Shk. Gjeol 1 (2007) 3 à 23 [insu-00403073 - version 1]
Albian sedimentation in the Tadjerouine area
Jaillard E., Latil J.-L., Echihaoui A., Zghal I.
Geologie Alpine Aptian-Turonian Events in Central Tunisia, 5 (2005) 105 à 124 [insu-00402733 - version 1]
Las cuencas terciarias sinorogénicas en el Altiplano y en la Cordillera Occidental
Carlotto V., Carlier G., Jaillard E., Cardenas J., Cerpa L., Flores T., Latorre O.
Boletin de la Sociedad geologica del Perù 6, spécial (2005) 103 à126 [insu-00402718 - version 1]
The Serj formation of the Jebel El Hamra
Arnaud H., Arnaud-Vanneau A., Zghal I.
Geologie Alpine Aptian-Turonian Events in Central Tunisia, 5 (2005) 73 à 75 [insu-00402705 - version 1]
Sedimentation and tectonic setting between D4 unconformity and the base of the Upper Albian marls
Arnaud-Vanneau A., Arnaud H., Zghal I., Dumont T., Jaillard E.
Geologie Alpine Aptian-Turonian Events in Central Tunisia, 5 (2005) 86 à 90 [insu-00402700 - version 1]