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Renewed uplift of the Central Andes Forearc revealed by coastal evolution during the Quaternary
Vincent Regard ( ) 1, Marianne Saillard 1, Joseph Martinod 1, Laurence Audin 1, 2, 3, Sébastien Carretier 1, Kevin Pedoja 4, Rodrigo Riquelme 5, Paola Paredes 1, Gérard Hérail 1

Most of the Pacific coast of the Central Andes, between 15°S and 30°S, displays a wide (a couple of kilometres) planar feature, gently dipping oceanwards and backed by a cliff. This morphology, usually of marine orgin, is called rasa, and argues for a recent and spatially continuous uplift of the margin over the 1,500-km-long coastal region we describe. The cliff foot is found at a similar elevation (~110 m amsl) all over the studied area, with the exception of peninsulas such as the Mejillones Peninsula. The compilation of published chronological data and the extrapolation of re-appraised uplift rates provide evidence for a common cliff foot age of around 400 ka (i.e., Marine Isotopic Stage MIS 11). This, together with other geological constraints, indicates a Quaternary renewal of uplift in the Central Andes forearc after a late Pliocene quiescence or subsidence.
1 :  Laboratoire des Mécanismes et Transfert en Géologie (LMTG)
CNRS : UMR5563 – Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées – Université Paul Sabatier (UPS) - Toulouse III – Institut de recherche pour le développement [IRD] : UMR154
2 :  IRD
Institut de recherche pour le développement [IRD]
3 :  Laboratoire de géodynamique des chaines alpines (LGCA)
CNRS : UMR5025 – OSUG – INSU – Université de Savoie – Université Joseph Fourier - Grenoble I
4 :  Morphodynamique continentale et côtière (MCC)
CNRS : UMR6143 – INSU – Université de Caen Basse-Normandie – Université de Rouen
5 :  Departamento de Ciencias Geológicas
universidad catolica del Norte
Planète et Univers/Sciences de la Terre/Géomorphologie

Planète et Univers/Sciences de la Terre/Tectonique

Sciences de l'environnement/Milieux et Changements globaux
Andes – Quaternary – Subduction – Rocky Coast – Geomorphology – Marine Terrace
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