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Accommodating large-scale intracontinental extension and compression in a single stress-field: A key example from the Baikal Rift System
Jolivet M., Arzhannikov S., CHAUVET A., Arzhanikova A., Vassallo R., Kulagina N., Akulova V.
Gondwana Research 24, 3-4 (2013) 918-935 [hal-00903612 - version 1]
Mesozoic and Cenozoic extension in the Transbaikal region (Siberia)
Jolivet M., Vassallo R., Arzhannikova A., Chauvet A., Petit C., Arzhannikov S.
International Conference on Mechanisms of Mesozoic Continental Extension in Eastern Eurasia, France (2010) [insu-00610112 - version 1]
Relationship between the East Sayan orogeny and the opening of the Baikal rift
Arzhannikova A., Arzhannikov S., Jolivet M., Vassallo R., Chauvet A.
Russian Academy of Science International geological meeting, Russie, Fédération De (2010) [insu-00610115 - version 1]