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The outcome of reduced intensity allogeneic stem cell transplantation and autologous stem cell transplantation when performed as a first transplant strategy in relapsed follicular lymphoma: an analysis from the Lymphoma Working Party of the EBMT.
Robinson S.P., Canals C., Luang J.J., Tilly H., Crawley C., Cahn J.Y., Pohlreich D., Le Gouill S., Gilleece M., Milpied N. et al
Bone Marrow Transplantation (2013) epub ahead of print [hal-00849676 - version 1]
New Facility to Study River Abrasion Processes
Attal M., Lavé J., Masson F.
Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 132, 6 (2006) 624-628 [insu-00265496 - version 1]
Changes of bedload characteristics along the Marsyandi River (central Nepal): Implications for understanding hillslope sediment supply, sediment load evolution along fluvial networks, and denudation in active orogenic belts
Attal M., Lavé J.
Dans Tectonics, Climate and Landscape Evolution (2006) 143-172 [insu-00257793 - version 1]
Evidence for a Great Medieval Earthquake (A.D. 1100) in Central Himalaya, Nepal.
Lavé J., Yule D., Sapkota S., Basenta K., Madden C., Attal M., Pandey M.R.
Science 307 (2005) 1302-1305 [hal-00103784 - version 1]