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Petrological and geochronological constraints on the origin of the Palimé-Amlamé granitoids (South Togo, West Africa): A segment of the West African Craton Paleoproterozoic margin reactivated during the Pan-African collision
Agbossoumonde Y., Menot R.P., Paquette J.L., Guillot S., Yéssoufou S., Perrache C.
Gondwana Research 12, 4 (2007) 476-488 [insu-00256370 - version 1]
The mafic layered complex of the Kaby'e massif (north Togo and north Benin): Evidence of a Pan-African granulitic continental arc root
Duclaux G., Menot R.P., Guillot S., Agbossoumonde Y., Hilairet N.
Precambrian Research 151 (2006) 101-118 [insu-00226354 - version 1]
Petrologic evidence of subducted granulites in South Togo (West Africa): geodynamics implications.
Agbossoumonde Y., Guillot S., Menot R.P.
Precambrian Research 135 (2004) 1-21 [hal-00103143 - version 1]