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The kinematics of the Zagros Mountains (Iran)
Hatzfeld D., Authemayou C., Van Der Beek P., Bellier O., Lavé J., Oveisi B., Tatar M., Tavakoli F., Walpersdorf A., Yamini-Fard F.
Dans Tectonic and Stratigraphic Evolution of Zagros and Makran during the Mesozoic-Cenozoic (2010) 19-42 [insu-00411876 - version 1]
40Ar/ 39Ar dating of Penninic Front tectonic displacement (W Alps) during the Lower Oligocene (31-34 Ma)
Simon-Labric T., Rolland Y., Dumont T., Heymes T., Authemayou C., Corsini M., Fornari M.
Terra Nova 21, 2 (2009) 127-136 [insu-00411593 - version 1]
Drastic syn-collisional kinematic changes in the External Western Alpine arc possibly reflect the gradual development of lateral extrusion.
Dumont T., Authemayou C., Champagnac J.D.
Tectonic Studis Group annual meeting, Royaume-Uni (2003) [hal-00102983 - version 1]
Anticlockwise shift of shortening orientation in the External Western Alps: evidences from Hercynian basement, Mesozoic cover and Tertiary synorogenic basins.
Dumont T., Authemayou C., Champagnac J.D.
19ème Swiss Tectonic Studies Group Meeting, Suisse (2003) [hal-00102981 - version 1]