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Intercomparison of stratospheric gravity wave observations with AIRS and IASI
Hoffmann L., Alexander M.J., Clerbaux C., Grimsdell A.W., Meyer C.I., Rößler T., Tournier B.
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions 7 (2014) 8415-8464 [hal-01056879 - version 1]
Tropospheric nitric acid columns from the IASI satellite instrument interpreted with a chemical transport model: Implications for parameterizations of nitric oxide production by lightning
Cooper M., Martin R. V., Wespes C., Coheur P.-F., Clerbaux C., Murray L. T.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 119, 16 (2014) 10068-10079 [hal-01056707 - version 1]
Nitrogen incorporation in Titan's tholins inferred by high resolution orbitrap mass spectrometry and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Gautier T., Carrasco N., Schmitz-Afonso I., Touboul D., Szopa C., Buch A., Pernot P.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 404 (2014) 33-42 [hal-01056129 - version 1]
Joining the yellow hub: Uses of the Simple Application Messaging Protocol in Space Physics analysis tools
Génot V., André N., Cecconi B., Bouchemit M., Budnik E., Bourrel N., Gangloff M., Dufourg N., Hess S., Modolo R. et al
Astronomy and Computing (2014) (in press) [hal-01055883 - version 1]
The origin of the local 1/4-keV X-ray flux in both charge exchange and a hot bubble
Galeazzi M., Chiao M., Collier M.R., Cravens T., Koutroumpa D., Kuntz K.D., Lallement R., Lepri S.T., McCammon D., Morgan K. et al
Nature (2014) (in press) [hal-01054467 - version 1]
Quantifying emerging local anthropogenic emissions in the Arctic region: the ACCESS aircraft campaign experiment
Roiger A., Thomas J. L., Schlager H., Law K. S., Kim J., Schäfler A., Weinzierl B., Dahlkötter F., Krisch I., Marelle L. et al
bulletin of the american meteorological Society (2014) (in press) [hal-01054384 - version 1]
Geophysical and geochemical methods applied to investigate fissure-related hydrothermal systems on the summit area of Mt. Etna volcano (Italy)
Maucourant S., Giammanco S., Greco F., Dorizon S., Del Negro C.
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 280 (2014) 111-125 [hal-01053869 - version 1]
Laboratory insights into the chemical and kinetic evolution of several organic molecules under simulated Mars surface UV radiation conditions
Poch O., Kaci S., Stalport F., Szopa C., Coll P.
Icarus 242 (2014) 50-63 [hal-01053858 - version 1]
Global climate modeling of the Martian water cycle with improved microphysics and radiatively active water ice clouds
Navarro T., Madeleine J.-B., Forget F., Spiga A., Millour E., Montmessin F., Määttänen A.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets (2014) (in press) [hal-01044402 - version 1]
An analysis of aeolian dust in climate models
Evan A. T., Flamant C., Fiedler S., Doherty O.
Geophysical Research Letters (2014) (in press) [hal-01044371 - version 1]