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Enhancements of the refractory submicron aerosol fraction in the Arctic polar vortex: feature or exception?
Weigel R., Volk C.M., Kandler K., Hösen E., Günther G., Vogel B., Grooß J.-U., Khaykin S., Belyaev G.V., Borrmann S.
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions 14 (2014) 9849-9901 [hal-00980570 - version 1]
Normalized particle size distribution for remote sensing application
Delanoë J. M. E., Heymsfield A.J., Protat A., Bansemer A., Hogan R.J.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 119, 7 (2014) 4204-4227 [hal-00979328 - version 1]
Spatio-temporal variability of dust aerosols over the Sistan region in Iran based on satellite observations
Rashki A., Kaskaoutis D.G., Eriksson P.G., De W. Rautenbach C.J., Flamant C., Abdi Vishkaee F.
Natural Hazards 71, 1 (2014) 563-585 [hal-00978094 - version 1]
Robust observational quantification of the contribution of mesoscale convective systems to rainfall in the tropics
Roca R., Aublanc J., Chambon P., Fiolleau T., Viltard N.
Journal of Climate 27 (2014) 4952-4958 [hal-00976400 - version 1]
Climatology of free tropospheric humidity: extension into the SEVIRI era, evaluation and exemplary analysis
Schröder M., Roca R., Picon L., Kniffka A., Brogniez H.
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions 14 (2014) 9603-9646 [hal-00976070 - version 1]
Airborne verification of CALIPSO products over the Amazon: a case study of daytime observations in a complex atmospheric scene
Marenco F., Amiridis V., Marinou E., Tsekeri A., Pelon J.
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions 14 (2014) 9203-9224 [hal-00975341 - version 1]
Auroral Processes at the Giant Planets: Energy Deposition, Emission Mechanisms, Morphology and Spectra
Badman S. V., Branduardi-Raymont G., Galand M., Hess S., Krupp N., Lamy L., Melin H., Tao C.
Space Science Reviews (2014) (in press) [hal-00973222 - version 1]
Extension of radiative transfer code MOMO, matrix-operator model to the thermal infrared. Clear air validation by comparison to RTTOV and application to CALIPSO-IIR
Doppler L., Carbajal-Henken C., Pelon J., Ravetta F., Fischer J.
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 144 (2014) 49-67 [hal-00971741 - version 1]
O2 and OH Night Airglow Emission Derived from GOMOS-Envisat Instrument
Bellisario C., Keckhut P., Blanot L., Hauchecorne A., Simoneau P.
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 31, 6 (2014) 1301-1311 [hal-00968748 - version 1]
Explosive growth in African combustion emissions from 2005 to 2030
Liousse C., Assamoi E., Criqui P., Granier C., Rosset R.
Environmental Research Letters 9, 3 (2014) 035003 [hal-00965994 - version 1]