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The science case for an orbital mission to Uranus: Exploring the origins and evolution of ice giant planets
Arridge C.S., Achilleos N., Agarwal J., Agnor C.B., Ambrosi R., André N., Badman S.V., Baines K., Banfield D., Barthélémy M. et al
Planetary and Space Science (2014) (in press) [hal-01059416 - version 1]
The CO2 continuum absorption in the 1.10- and 1.18-μm windows on Venus from maxwell Montes transits by SPICAV IR onboard Venus express
Fedorova A., Bézard B., Bertaux J.-L., Korablev O., Wilson C.
Planetary and Space Science (2014) (in press) [hal-01059379 - version 1]
SUAVE: a UV telescope for space weather and solar variability studies
Damé L., Meftah M., Irbah A., Hauchecorne A., Keckhut P., Quémerais E.
Dans Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2014: Ultraviolet to Gamma Ray - Proc. SPIE 9144, Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2014: Ultraviolet to Gamma Ray, Canada (2014) [hal-01057548 - version 1]
Impact of micro-telluric lines on precise radial velocities and its correction
Cunha D., Santos N.C., Figueira P., Santerne A., Bertaux J.-L., Lovis C.
Astronomy and Astrophysics 568 (2014) A35 (7p.) [hal-01057536 - version 1]
Three infrared spectrometers, an atmospheric chemistry suite for the ExoMars 2016 trace gas orbiter
Korablev O., Trokhimovsky A., Grigoriev A. V., Shakun A., Ivanov Y. S., Moshkin B., Anufreychik K., Timonin D., Dziuban I., Kalinnikov Y. K. et al
Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 8, 1 (2014) 084983 [hal-01057514 - version 1]
Solar Spectral Irradiance Variability in November/December 2012: Comparison of Observations by Instruments on the International Space Station and Models
Thuillier G., Schmidtke G., Erhardt C., Nikutowski B., Shapiro A.I., Bolduc C., Lean J., Krivova N., Charbonneau P., Cessateur G. et al
Solar Physics (2014) (in press) [hal-01057408 - version 1]
Pressure Equilibrium between the Local Interstellar Clouds and the Local Hot Bubble
Snowden S.L., Chiao M., Collier M.R., Porter F.S., Thomas N.E., Cravens T., Robertson I.P., Galeazzi M., Uprety Y., Ursino E. et al
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 791, 1 (2014) L14 [hal-01056915 - version 1]
Intercomparison of stratospheric gravity wave observations with AIRS and IASI
Hoffmann L., Alexander M.J., Clerbaux C., Grimsdell A.W., Meyer C.I., Rößler T., Tournier B.
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions 7 (2014) 8415-8464 [hal-01056879 - version 1]
Tropospheric nitric acid columns from the IASI satellite instrument interpreted with a chemical transport model: Implications for parameterizations of nitric oxide production by lightning
Cooper M., Martin R. V., Wespes C., Coheur P.-F., Clerbaux C., Murray L. T.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 119, 16 (2014) 10068-10079 [hal-01056707 - version 1]
Nitrogen incorporation in Titan's tholins inferred by high resolution orbitrap mass spectrometry and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Gautier T., Carrasco N., Schmitz-Afonso I., Touboul D., Szopa C., Buch A., Pernot P.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 404 (2014) 33-42 [hal-01056129 - version 1]