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Parameters describing nonequilibrium transport of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons through contaminated soil columns: Estimability analysis, correlation, and optimization
Ngo V. V., Michel J., Gujisaite V., Latifi M. A., Simonnot M.-O.
Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 158 (2014) 93-109 [hal-00944707 - version 1]
A new method for in line electrokinetic characterization of cakes
Lanteri Y., Ballout W., Fievet P., Deon S., Szymczyk A., Sauvade P.
Membrane Water Treatment 4, 3 (2013) 157-174 [hal-00915095 - version 1]
Transformation of various kinds of goethite into magnetite: Effect of chemical and surface properties.
Usman M., Abdelmoula M., Faure P., Ruby C., Hanna K.
Geoderma 197-198 (2013) 9-16 [hal-00916657 - version 1]
Treatment of hydrocarbon contamination under flow through conditions by using magnetite catalyzed chemical oxidation.
Usman M., Faure P., Lorgeoux C., Ruby C., Hanna K.
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 20, 1 (2013) 22-30 [hal-00916609 - version 1]
An overview of solid/liquid separation methods and size fractionation techniques for engineered nanomaterials in aquatic environment
Wu N., Wyart Y., Liu Y., ROSE J., Moulin P.
Environmental Technology Reviews 2, 1 (2013) 55-70 [hal-00996048 - version 1]
fulltext access Degradation of alumina and zirconia toughened alumina (ZTA) hip prostheses tested under microseparation conditions in a shock device
Uribe J., Geringer J., Gremillard L., Reynard B.
Dans Proceedings of The International Conference on BioTribology 2011 - International Conference on BioTribology (ICoBT 2011), Londres, 18 au 21 septembre 2011, Royaume-Uni (2011) [hal-00909520 - version 1]
Role of Impurities on CO2 Injection: Experimental and Numerical Simulations of Thermodynamic Properties of Water-salt-gas Mixtures (CO2 + Co-injected Gases) Under Geological Storage Conditions
Sterpenich J., Dubessy J., Pironon J., Renard S., Caumon M.-C., Randi A., Jaubert J.-N., Favre E., Roizard D., Parmentier M. et al
energy procedia 37 (2013) 3638-3645 [hal-00876858 - version 1]
Thermal reactions between alkanes and H2S or thiols at high pressure
Burkle-Vitzthum V., Nguyen Van P., Marquaire P.-M., Michels R.
jounal of analytical and applied pyrolysis 103 (2013) 307-319 [hal-00861585 - version 1]
PAH oxidation in aged and spiked soils investigated by column experiments
Lemaire J., Laurent F., Leyval C., Schwartz C., Bues M., Simonnot M.-O.
Chemosphere 91 (2013) 406-414 [hal-00808811 - version 1]
fulltext access CO2-SO2 clathrate hydrate formation on early Mars
Chassefière E., Dartois E., Herri J.-M., Tian F., Schmidt F., Mousis O., Lakhlifi A.
Icarus 223, 2 (2013) 878-891 [hal-00804822 - version 1]