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fulltext access Response of an artificially blown clarinet to different blowing pressure profiles
Bergeot B., Almeida A., Vergez C., Gazengel B., Didier F.
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 135, 1 (2014) 479-490 [hal-00769274 - version 2]
fulltext access Application of the Transmission Line Matrix method for outdoor sound propagation modelling - Part 2: Experimental validation using meteorological data derived from the meso-scale model Meso-NH
AUMOND P., Guillaume G., Gauvreau B., Lac C., Masson V., Berengier M.
Applied Acoustics, 76 (2014) pp. 107-112 [hal-00915764 - version 1]
Acoustic Waves, Scattering
Weill A.
Dans Encyclopedia of Remote Sensing (2014) 13-16 [hal-00949468 - version 1]
Acoustic Radiation
Weill A.
Dans Encyclopedia of Remote Sensing (2014) 1-4 [hal-00949461 - version 1]
Acoustic Waves, Propagation
Weill A.
Dans Encyclopedia of Remote Sensing (2014) 11-13 [hal-00683293 - version 1]
fulltext access T-wave generation and propagation: a comparison between data and spectral element modeling.
Jamet G., Guennou C., Guillon L., Mazoyer C., Royer J.-Y.
J Acoust Soc Am 134, 4 (2013) 3376-85 [insu-00915042 - version 1]
Inversion of seabed acoustic parameters in shallow water using the warping transform
Zeng J., Ross Chapman N., Bonnel J., Ma L., Chen Y.
Dans ICA 2013 - ICA 2013, Canada (2013) [hal-00843206 - version 1]
A numerical model for ocean ultra low frequency noise: wave-generated acoustic-gravity and Rayleigh modes
Ardhuin F., Lavanant T., Obrebski M., Marié L., Royer J.-Y., D'Eu J.-F., Howe B. M., Lukas R., Aucan J.
Journal of Acoustical Society of America (2013) in press [insu-00816872 - version 1]
Including the drag effects of canopies: real case large-eddy simulation studies
AUMOND P., Masson V., Lac C., Gauvreau B., Dupont S., Berengier M.
Boundary Layer Meteorology 1, 146 (2013) pp 65-80 [hal-00915766 - version 1]
fulltext access Numerical predictions for environmental acoustics: simulation of atmospheric fields and integration in a propagation model
Dans Acoustics 2012 Nantes - Acoustics 2012, France (2012) [hal-00810968 - version 1]