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Experimental modeling of calcium carbonate precipitation by cyanobacterium Gloeocapsa sp.
Bundeleva I. A., Shirokova L. S., Pokrovsky O. S., Bénézeth P., Ménez B., Gérard E., Balor S.
Chemical Geology 374-375 (2014) 44-60 [hal-00967924 - version 1]
A hidden renewal model for monitoring aquatic systems biosensors
Azais R., Coudret R., Durrieu G.
Environmetrics (2014) in press [hal-00958616 - version 1]
Impact of historical mining assessed in soils by kinetic extraction and lead isotopic ratios.
Camizuli E., Monna F., Bermond A., Manouchehri N., Besançon S., Losno R., Van Oort F., Labanowski J., Perreira A., Chateau C. et al
Science of the Total Environment 472 (2014) 425-436 [hal-00912415 - version 1]
Complex genetic structure of a euryhaline marine fish in temporarily open/closed estuaries from the wider Gulf of Aden
Lavergne E., Calves I., Meistertzheim A.-L., Charrier G., Zajonz U., Laroche J.
Marine Biology (2014) 1-14 [hal-00958610 - version 1]
Desulfatiferula berrensis sp. nov., a n-alkene-degrading sulfate-reducing bacterium isolated from estuarine sediments.
Hakil F., AMIN O., HIRSCHLER-REA A., Mollex D., Grossi V., Duran R., Matheron R., Cravo-laureau C.
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 64, Pt 2 (2014) 540-4 [hal-00976570 - version 1]
Species or local environment, what determines the infection of rodents by Toxoplasma gondii?
Gotteland C., Chaval Y., Villena I., Galan M., Geers R., Aubert D., Poulle M.-L., Charbonnel N., Gilot-Fromont E.
Parasitology 141, 2 (2014) 259-68 [hal-00972594 - version 1]
Biomineralization of iron-phosphates in the water column of Lake Pavin (Massif Central, France)
Cosmidis J., Benzerara K., Morin G., Busigny V., Lebeau O., Jezequel D., Noel V., Dublet G., Othmane G.
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 126 (2014) 78-96 [hal-00981391 - version 1]
Fate of pristine TiO2nanoparticles and aged paint-containing TiO2nanoparticles in lettuce crop after foliar exposure
Larue C., C. Michel H.-., Sobanska S., Trcera N., Sorieul S., Cécillon L., Ouerdane L., Legros S., Sarret G.
Journal of Hazardous Materials 273 (2014) 17-26 [in2p3-00976710 - version 1]
fulltext access Functional patterns of microbial communities of rhizospheric soils across the development stages of a young mangrove in French Guiana
Luglia M., Criquet S., Sarrazin M., Ziarelli F., Guiral D.
Microbial Ecology 67, 2 (2014) 302-317 [ird-00971793 - version 1]
fulltext access Intercomparison of four remote-sensing-based energy balance methods to retrieve surface evapotranspiration and water stress of irrigated fields in semi-arid climate
Chirouze J., Boulet G., Jarlan L., Fieuzal R., Rodriguez J.C., Ezzahar J., Er Raki S., Bigeard G., Merlin O., Garatuza-Payan J. et al
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions, 18 (2014) 1165-1188 [ird-00968855 - version 1]