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The earliest wood and its hydraulic properties documented in c. 407-million-year-old fossils using synchrotron microtomography
Strullu-Derrien C., Kenrick P. P., Tafforeau P., Cochard H. H., Bonnemain J.-L., Le Hérissé A., Lardeux H., BADEL E.
Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 175, 3 (2014) 423-437 [insu-01018347 - version 1]
fulltext access Influence of organic matter and microbial activities on the mobility of arsenic and metals in polluted soils
Thouin H., Lescure T., Gautret P., Joulian C., Le Milbeau C., Battaglia-Brunet F.
Biogeochemical Processes at Air-Soil-Water Interfaces and Environmental Protection, Italie (2014) [hal-00986956 - version 1]
New genetic markers to identify European resistant abalone to vibriosis revealed by high-resolution melting analysis, a sensitive and fast approach
Meistertzheim A.-L., Calves I., Roussel V. V., Van Wormhoudt A., Laroche J., Huchette S., Paillard C.
Marine Biology (2014) in press [hal-01020946 - version 1]
Impact of iron limitation on primary production (dissolved and particulate) and secondary production in cultured Trichodesmium sp.
Rochelle-Newall E.J., Ridame C., Dimier-Hugueney C., L'Helguen S.
Aquatic Microbial Ecology 72, 2 (2014) 143-153 [hal-01023225 - version 1]
Experimental modeling of calcium carbonate precipitation by cyanobacterium Gloeocapsa sp.
Bundeleva I. A., Shirokova L. S., Pokrovsky O. S., Bénézeth P., Ménez B., Gérard E., Balor S.
Chemical Geology 374-375 (2014) 44-60 [hal-00967924 - version 1]
fulltext access Physical and remineralization processes govern the cobalt distribution in the deep western Atlantic Ocean
Dulaquais G., Boye M., Rijkenberg M., Carton X.J.
Biogeosciences 11, 6 (2014) 1561-1580 [hal-01025179 - version 1]
A hidden renewal model for monitoring aquatic systems biosensors
Azais R., Coudret R., Durrieu G.
Environmetrics (2014) in press [hal-00958616 - version 1]
Missing data estimation in morphometrics: how much is too much?
Clavel J., Merceron G., Escarguel G.
Systematic Biology 63, 2 (2014) 203-18 [hal-00993597 - version 1]
Impact of historical mining assessed in soils by kinetic extraction and lead isotopic ratios.
Camizuli E., Monna F., Bermond A., Manouchehri N., Besançon S., Losno R., Van Oort F., Labanowski J., Perreira A., Chateau C. et al
Science of the Total Environment 472 (2014) 425-436 [hal-00912415 - version 1]
Complex genetic structure of a euryhaline marine fish in temporarily open/closed estuaries from the wider Gulf of Aden
Lavergne E., Calves I., Meistertzheim A.-L., Charrier G., Zajonz U., Laroche J.
Marine Biology (2014) 1-14 [hal-00958610 - version 1]