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Suitability of OMI aerosol index to reflect mineral dust surface conditions: preliminary application for studying the link with meningitis epidemics in the Sahel.
Deroubaix A., Martiny N., Chiapello I., Marticoréna B.
Remote Sensing of Environment 133 (2013) 116-127 [hal-00828686 - version 1]
fulltext access Physico-chemical characterization of African urban aerosols (Bamako in Mali and Dakar in Senegal) and their toxic effects in human bronchial epithelial cells: description of a worrying situation.
Val S., Liousse C., Doumbia E. H. T., Galy-Lacaux C., Cachier H., Marchand N., Badel A., Gardrat E., Sylvestre A., Baeza-Squiban A.
Particle and Fibre Toxicology 10, 1 (2013) 10 [inserm-00818453 - version 1]
The impact of valve surgery on short- and long-term mortality in left-sided infective endocarditis: do differences in methodological approaches explain previous conflicting results?
Bannay A., Hoen B., Duval X., Obadia J., Selton-Suty C., Le Moing V., Tattevin P., Lung B B., Delahaye F., Alla F.
European Heart Journal 32 (2011) 2003-2015 [hal-00733918 - version 1]
Modelling malaria incidence with environmental dependency in a locality of Sudanese savannah area, Mali
Gaudart J., Touré O., Dessay N., Lassane Dicko A., Ranque S., Forest L., Demongeot J., K Doumbo O.
Malaria Journal 8, 61 (2009) pp [insu-00412571 - version 1]
Air Pollution and Myocardial Infarction - a Small-Area Case Crossover in Strasbourg, France Influence of Individual and Area Characteristics
Havard S., Pédrono G., Deguen S., Schillinger C., Segala C., Rivière E., Arveiler D., Bard D.
Epidemiology 19, 6 (2008) S197 [hal-00672581 - version 1]
Is a quantitative risk assessment of air quality in underground parking garages possible?
Glorennec P., Bonvallot N., Mandin C., Goupil G., Pernelet-Joly V., Millet M., Filleul L., Le Moullec Y., Alary R.
Indoor Air 18, 4 (2008) 283-92 [hal-00672324 - version 1]
Air pollution, asthma attacks, and socioeconomic deprivation: a small-area case-crossover study.
Laurent O., Pedrono G., Segala C., Filleul L., Havard S., Deguen S., Schillinger C., Rivière E., Bard D.
American Journal of Epidemiology 168, 1 (2008) 58-65 [hal-00672318 - version 1]
Tracheostomy does not improve the outcome of patients requiring prolonged mechanical ventilation: a propensity analysis.
Clec'h C., Alberti C., Vincent F., Garrouste-Orgeas M., de Lassence A., Toledano D., Azoulay E., Adrie C., Jamali S., Zaccaria I. et al
Critical Care Medicine 35, 1 (2007) 132-8 [inserm-00348834 - version 1]
fulltext access Immunological markers after long-term treatment interruption in chronically HIV-1 infected patients with CD4 cell count above 400 x 10(6) cells/l.
Thiébaut R., Pellegrin I., Chêne G., Viallard J. F., Fleury H., Moreau J. F., Pellegrin J. L., Blanco P.
AIDS 19, 1 (2005) 53-61 [hal-00143966 - version 1]
fulltext access Relationships of job and some individual characteristics to occupational injuries in employed people: a community-based study.
Bhattacherjee A., Chau N., Sierra C. O., Legras B., Benamghar L., Michaely J.-P., Ghosh A. K., Guillemin F., Ravaud J.-F., Mur J.-M. et al
Journal of Occupational Health 45, 6 (2003) 382-91 [inserm-00433012 - version 1]