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Desulfatiferula berrensis sp. nov., a n-alkene-degrading sulfate-reducing bacterium isolated from estuarine sediments.
Hakil F., AMIN O., HIRSCHLER-REA A., Mollex D., Grossi V., Duran R., Matheron R., Cravo-laureau C.
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 64, Pt 2 (2014) 540-4 [hal-00976570 - version 1]
fulltext access Microbial colonization of basaltic glasses in hydrothermal organic-rich sediments at Guaymas Basin.
Callac N., Rommevaux-Jestin C., Rouxel O., Lesongeur F., Liorzou C., Bollinger C., Ferrant A., Godfroy A.
Front Microbiol 4 (2013) 250 [insu-00933493 - version 1]
Nanometer-scale characterization of exceptionally preserved bacterial fossils in Paleocene phosphorites from Ouled Abdoun (Morocco)
. Cosmidis J., Benzerara K., Gheerbrant E., Esteve I., Bouya B., Amaghzaz M.
Geobiology 11 (2013) 139-153 [hal-00788740 - version 1]
Dental abnormalities in Schimke immuno-osseous dysplasia.
Morimoto M., Kérourédan O., Gendronneau M., Shuen C., Baradaran-Heravi A., Asakura Y., Basiratnia M., Bogdanovic R., Bonneau D., Buck A. et al
Journal of Dental Research 91, 7 Suppl (2012) 29S-37S [hal-00796463 - version 1]
Occurrence and toxicity of antimicrobial triclosan and by-products in the environment.
Bedoux G., Roig B., Thomas O., Dupont V., Le Bot B.
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 19, 4 (2012) 1044-65 [hal-00857427 - version 1]
A novel bacteriophage morphotype with a ribbon-like structure at the tail extremity
Prestel E., Regeard C., Andrews J., Oger P. M., DuBow M.
Research Journal of Microbiology 7, 1 (2012) 75 [hal-00714242 - version 1]
fulltext access Climate-based models for understanding and forecasting dengue epidemics.
Descloux E., Mangeas M., Menkès C. E., Lengaigne M., Leroy A., Tehei T., Guillaumot L., Teurlai M., Gourinat A.-C., Benzler J. et al
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 6, 2 (2012) e1470 [pasteur-00734544 - version 1]
Complete Genome Sequence of the Hyperthermophilic Archaeon Thermococcus sp Strain AM4, Capable of Organotrophic Growth and Growth at the Expense of Hydrogenogenic or Sulfidogenic Oxidation of Carbon Monoxide
Oger P. M., Sokolova T. G., Kozhevnikova D. A., Chernyh N. A., Bartlett D. H., Bonch-Osmolovskaya E. A., Lebedinsky A. V.
Journal of Bacteriology 193, 24 (2011) 7019-7020 [insu-00682014 - version 1]
Bacterial weathering and its contribution to nutrient cycling in temperate forest ecosystems
Uroz S., Oger P. M., Lepleux C., Collignon C., Frey-Klett P. P., Turpault M.-P. M.-P.
Research in Microbiology 162, 9 (2011) 820-831 [insu-00682028 - version 1]
fulltext access Etude des communautés microbiennes dans les neiges du Mt Blanc en relation avec la poussière saharienne
Chuvochina M. S.
Université de Grenoble (20/10/2011), Jean-Robert PETIT (Dir.) [tel-00641977 - version 1]