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First-pass and delayed magnetic resonance imaging studies of reperfused myocardial infarction with iron oxide particles.
Revel D., Canet E., Sebbag L., Forrat R., Arteaga C., Zhao S., De Lorgeril M., Amiel M.
Academic Radiology 3 Suppl 2 (1996) S398-401 [hal-00395741 - version 1]
Effect of colchicine on circulating and myocardial neutrophils and on infarct size in a canine model of ischemia and reperfusion.
Forrat R., Sebbag L., Ferrera R., Hadour G., Canet E., Tabib A., De Lorgeril M.
Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology 27, 6 (1996) 876-83 [hal-00395742 - version 1]
Noninvasive assessment of no-reflow phenomenon in a canine model of reperfused infarction by contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging.
Canet E., Revel D., Sebbag L., De Lorgeril M., Baldy C., Delabre C., Amiel M.
American Heart Journal 130, 5 (1995) 949-56 [hal-00395744 - version 1]
Superparamagnetic iron oxide particles and positive enhancement for myocardial perfusion studies assessed by subsecond T1-weighted MRI.
Canet E., Revel D., Forrat R., Baldy-Porcher C., De Lorgeril M., Sebbag L., Vallee J.P., Didier D., Amiel M.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging 11, 8 (1993) 1139-45 [hal-00395765 - version 1]