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Experimental modeling of calcium carbonate precipitation by cyanobacterium Gloeocapsa sp.
Bundeleva I. A., Shirokova L. S., Pokrovsky O. S., Bénézeth P., Ménez B., Gérard E., Balor S.
Chemical Geology 374-375 (2014) 44-60 [hal-00967924 - version 1]
Major contribution of sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca(2+) depletion during long-lasting activation of skeletal muscle.
Robin G., Allard B., Allard F.
Journal of General Physiology 141, 5 (2013) 557-65 [hal-00844392 - version 1]
fulltext access Effect of two models of intrauterine growth restriction on alveolarization in rat lungs: morphometric and gene expression analysis.
Zana-Taieb E., Butruille L., Franco-Montoya M.-L., Lopez E., Vernier F., Grandvuillemin I., Evain-Brion D., Deruelle P., Baud O., Delacourt C. et al
PLoS ONE 8, 11 (2013) e78326 [inserm-00925284 - version 1]
Extreme Resistance as a Host Counter-counter Defense against Viral Suppression of RNA Silencing
Sansregret R., Dufour V., Langlois M., Daayf F., Dunoyer P., Voinnet O., Bouarab K.
PLoS Pathogens 9, 6 (2013) e1003435 [hal-00838047 - version 1]
The PROCESS Experiment: Exposure of Amino Acids in the EXPOSE-E Experiment on the International Space Station and in Laboratory Simulations.
Bertrand M., Chabin A., Brack A., Cottin H., Chaput D., Westall F.
Astrobiology 12, 5 (2012) 426-35 [hal-00721777 - version 1]
Functional mechanisms of the cellular prion protein (PrPC) associated anti-HIV-1 properties
Alais S., Soto-Rifo R., Balter V., Gruffat H., Manet E., Schaeffer L., Darlix J.-L., Cimarelli A., Raposo G., Ohlmann T. et al
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 69, 8 (2012) 1331-1352 [insu-00696948 - version 1]
Structural, functional and evolutionary analysis of the unusually large stilbene synthase gene family in grapevine (Vitis vinifera).
Parage C., Tavares R., Réty S., Baltenweck-Guyot R., Poutaraud A., Renault L., Heintz D., Lugan R., Marais G., Aubourg S. et al
Plant Physiology 160 (2012) 1407-1419 [hal-00753657 - version 1]
Bio-dissolution of colloidal-size clay minerals entrapped in microporous silica gels
Grybos M., Billard P., Desobry-Banon S., Michot L. J., Lenain J.-F., Mustin C.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 362, 2 (2011) 317-324 [hal-00654622 - version 1]
Mucus composition and bacterial communities associated with the tissue and skeleton of three scleractinian corals maintained under culture conditions
Tremblay P., Weinbauer M. G., Rottier C., Guérardel Y., Nozais C., Ferrier-Pagès C.
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 91, 3 (2011) 649-657 [hal-00641793 - version 1]
Isotopic evidence of unaccounted for Fe and Cu erythropoietic pathways
Albarède F., Telouk P., Lamboux A., Jaouen K., Balter V.
METALLOMICS 3, 9 (2011) 926-933 [insu-00676834 - version 1]