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Basin Analysis and Petroleum Systems Modeling of the Lokichar Basin (Kenya)
Neumaier M., Tiercelin J.-J., Nalpas T., Mouli Castillo J.
AAPG International Conference and Exhibition: The Spirit Between Continents: Energy Geosciences in a Changing World, Turquie (2014) [insu-00952200 - version 1]
Experimental modeling of calcium carbonate precipitation by cyanobacterium Gloeocapsa sp.
Bundeleva I. A., Shirokova L. S., Pokrovsky O. S., Bénézeth P., Ménez B., Gérard E., Balor S.
Chemical Geology 374-375 (2014) 44-60 [hal-00967924 - version 1]
Inference of super-resolution ocean pCO2 and air-sea CO2 fluxes from non-linear and multiscale processing methods
Hernandez-Carrasco I., Sudre J., Garçon V., Yahia H., Dewitte B., Garbe C., Illig S., Montes I., Dadou I., Paulmier A. et al
EGU General Assembly 2014, Autriche (2014) [hal-00942351 - version 1]
fulltext access Impact of basin burial and exhumation on Jurassic carbonates diagenesis on both sides of a thick clay barrier (Paris Basin, NE France).
Carpentier C., Brigaud B., Blaise T., Vincent B., Durlet C., Boulvais P., Pagel M., Hibsch C., Yven B., Lach P. et al
Marine and Petroleum Geology 53 (2014) 44-70 [hal-00968073 - version 1]
Kinetics of surface dissolution: A coupled thermodynamics-climatic approach for Titan and the Earth
Cornet T., Cordier D., Le Bahers T., Bourgeois O., Fleurant C., Le Mouélic S.
European Geosciences Union General Assembly (EGU), Vienna, April 2014., Autriche (2014) [hal-00959791 - version 1]
Analysis of the slow slip events of Guerrero, Mexico: implications for numerical modeling.
Maury J., Aochi H., Radiguet M.
EGU General assembly 2014, Autriche (2014) [hal-00942665 - version 1]
Hydro-gravimetry in West-Africa: First results from the Djougou (Benin) superconducting gravimeter
Hector B., Hinderer J., Séguis L., Boy J.-P., Calvo M., Descloitres M., Rosat S., Galle S., Riccardi U.
Journal of Geodynamics (2014) 0264-3707 [hal-00980897 - version 1]
Evidence for oxygenic photosynthesis half a billion years before the Great Oxidation Event
Planavsky N. J., Asael D., Hofmann A., Reinhard C. T. T., Lalonde S. V., Knudsen A., Wang X., Ossa Ossa F., Pecoits E., Smith A. J. et al
Nature geoscience 7 (2014) 283-286 [insu-00981610 - version 1]
The role of continental lithosphere metasomes in the production of HIMU-like magmatism on the northeast African and Arabian plates
Rooney T. O., Nelson W. R., Dosso L., Furman T., Hanan B.
Geology (2014) in press [insu-00981706 - version 1]
Biological traits explain the distribution and colonisation ability of the invasive shore crab Hemigrapsus takanoi
Gothland M., Dauvin J. C., Denis L., Dufossé F., Jobert S., Ovaert J., Pezy J. P., Tous Rius A., Spilmont N.
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 142 (2014) 41-49 [hal-00969582 - version 1]