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fulltext access Estimation of the dynamics and yields of cereals in a semi-arid area using remote sensing and the SAFY growth model
Chahbi A., Zribi M., Lili-Chabaane Z., Duchemin B., Shabou M., Mougenot B., Boulet G.
International Journal of Remote Sensing 35, 3 (2014) 1004-1028 [hal-00943875 - version 1]
fulltext access Simultaneous precipitation of magnesite and lizardite from hydrothermal alteration of olivine under high-carbonate alkalinity
Lafay R., Montes-Hernandez G., Janots E., Findling N., Chiriac R., Toche F.
Chemical Geology 368 (2014) 63-75 [insu-00940231 - version 1]
fulltext access Precipitation of ordered dolomite via simultaneous dissolution of calcite and magnesite: New experimental insights into an old precipitation enigma
Montes-Hernandez G., Findling N., Renard F., Auzende A.-L.
Crystal Growth and Design 14 (2014) 671-677 [insu-00942824 - version 1]
fulltext access Soil moisture mapping in a semiarid region, based on ASAR/Wide Swath satellite data
Zribi M., Kotti F., Amri R., Wagner W., Shabou M., Lili-Chabaane Z., Baghdadi N.
Water Resources Research (2014) 1-13 [hal-00943877 - version 1]
fulltext access Tracking Holocene glacial and high-altitude alpine environments fluctuations from minerogenic and organic markers in proglacial lake sediments (Lake Blanc Huez, Western French Alps)
Simonneau A., Chapron E., Garçon M., Winiarski T., Graz Y., Chauvel C., Debret M., Motelica-Heino M., Desmet M., Di-Giovanni C.
Quaternary Science Reviews 89 (2014) 27-43 [insu-00955263 - version 1]
Temporal Variability of Nitrous Oxide Emissions by Soils as Affected by Hydric History
Rabot E., Hénault C., Cousin I.
Soil Science Society of America Journal Accepted manuscript (2014) 11 p. [insu-00961440 - version 1]
Coastal staircase sequences reflecting sea-level oscillations and tectonic uplift during the Quaternary and Neogene
Pedoja K., Laurent H., Johnson M. E., Melnick D., Witt C., POCHAT S., Nexer M., Delcaillau B., Pinegina T., Poprawski Y. et al
Earth-Science Reviews 132 (2014) 13-38 [hal-00960035 - version 1]
fulltext access Carbon sinks in small Sahelian lakes as an unexpected effect of land use changes since the 1960s (Saga Gorou and Dallol Bosso, SW Niger)
Mabicka Obame R., Copard Y., Sebag D., Abdourhamane Touré A., Boussafir M., Bichet V., Garba Z., Guillon G., Petit C., Rajot J.L. et al
CATENA 114 (2014) 1-10 [insu-00910180 - version 1]
fulltext access Size Distribution and Optical Properties of Ambient Aerosols during Autumn in Orleans, France
Hu D., Li L., Idir M., Mellouki A., Chen J., Daële V., Chen H., Cazaunau M., Grosselin B., Mu Y. et al
Aerosol and Air Quality Research Accepted manuscript (2014) 12 p. [insu-00955423 - version 1]
Electrical multi-depth survey to assess soil cover spatial organization
Buvat S., Coquet Y., Thiesson J., Tabbagh A., Michelin J., Nicoullaud B.
Dans Global Soil Map (2014) 465-470 [insu-00955377 - version 1]