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fulltext access Upwind Stabilized Finite Element Modelling of Non-hydrostaticWave Breaking and Run-up
Bacigaluppi P., Ricchiuto M., Bonneton P.
Rapport de recherche (2014) [hal-00990002 - version 1]
fulltext access Evaluation of wildland fire smoke plume dynamics and aerosol load using UV scanning lidar and fire-atmosphere modelling during the Mediterranean Letia 2010 experiment
Leroy-Cancellieri V., Augustin P., Filippi J.-B., Mari C., Fourmentin M., Bosseur F., Morandini F., Delbarre H.
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 14 (2014) 509-523 [hal-00958633 - version 1]
Parameters describing nonequilibrium transport of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons through contaminated soil columns: Estimability analysis, correlation, and optimization
Ngo V. V., Michel J., Gujisaite V., Latifi M. A., Simonnot M.-O.
Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 158 (2014) 93-109 [hal-00944707 - version 1]
DRELIO : Un drone hélicoptère pour le suivi des zones littorales
Jaud M., Delacourt C., Allemand P., Grandjean P., Ammann J., Cancouët R., Deschamps A., Varrel E., Cuq V., Suanez S.
Revue Paralia vol. 7 (2014) p. s02.1-s02.12 [hal-00980892 - version 1]
fulltext access CHIMERE 2013 : a model for regional atmospheric composition modelling
Menut L., Bessagnet B., Khvorostyanov D., Beekmann M., Blond N., Colette A., COLL I., CURCI G., Foret G., Hodzic A. et al
Geoscientific Model Development 6, 4 (2014) 981-1028 [ineris-00961818 - version 1]
fulltext access Rethinking climate engineering categorization in the context of climate change mitigation and adaptation
Boucher O., M. Forster P., Gruber N., Ha-Duong M., Lawrence M. G., M. Lenton T., Maas A., E. Vaughan N.
WIREs Climate Change 5, 1 (2014) 23-25 [hal-00870038 - version 1]
fulltext access CO2-Dissolved : A Novel Approach to Combining CCS and Geothermal Heat Recovery
Kervévan C., Bugarel F., Galiègue X., Le Gallo, Y., May F., O'Neil K., Sterpenich J.
Dans Sustainable Earth Sciences 2013 - SES 2013 - Sustainable Earth Sciences 2013, France (2013) [hal-00829796 - version 1]
A new method for in line electrokinetic characterization of cakes
Lanteri Y., Ballout W., Fievet P., Deon S., Szymczyk A., Sauvade P.
Membrane Water Treatment 4, 3 (2013) 157-174 [hal-00915095 - version 1]
Degradation and transfer of polyacrylamide based floculents in sludges and industrial and natural waters - Potential impact on aquatic ecosystem: The AQUAPOL project
Togola A., Guezennec A.-G., Marmier N., Desroche N., Hurel C., Mnif I., Gourlay-Francé C., Motelica-Heino M., Adam Y., Touzé S.
SETAC Europe 23rd Annual Meeting, United Kingdom (2013) [hal-00816944 - version 1]
Transformation of various kinds of goethite into magnetite: Effect of chemical and surface properties.
Usman M., Abdelmoula M., Faure P., Ruby C., Hanna K.
Geoderma 197-198 (2013) 9-16 [hal-00916657 - version 1]