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Late Pleistocene to Mid Holocene landscape reconstruction in the western part of the Thessaloniki Plain (Greece): evidence for environmental changes, and their consequences for the settlement history
Psomiadis D., GHILARDI M., DEMORY F., SABATIER D., Bloemendal J., Yiu C.
Zeitschrift Fur Geomorphologie (2014) ? [hal-00959459 - version 1]
Mid- to Late Holocene shoreline reconstruction and human occupation in Ancient Eretria (South Central Euboea, Greece)
GHILARDI M., Psomiadis D., Pavlopoulos K., Müller-Celka S., Fachard S., Theurillat T., Verdan S., Knodell A., Thedoropoulou T., Bicket A. et al
Geomorphology 208 (2014) 225-237 [hal-00958106 - version 1]
Modeling studies of ocean-atmosphere coupling at the oceanic mesoscale
Colas F., Lemarié F., Oerder V., Masson S., Berthet S.
2014 AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting, États-Unis (2014) [hal-00957239 - version 1]
Recent climatic and anthropogenic imprints on lacustrine systems in the Pyrenean Mountains inferred from minerogenic and organic clastic supply (Vicdessos valley, Pyrenees, France)
Simonneau A., Chapron E., Courp T., Tachikawa K., Le Roux G., Baron S., Galop D., Garcia M., Di Giovanni C., Motelica-Heino M. et al
Holocene 23, 12 (2013) 1762-1775 [insu-00907274 - version 1]
Mieux gérer les ressources naturelles
De Dreuzy J.-R., Rapaport A.
TDC (Textes et Documents pour la Classe), 1062 (2013) 20-23 [hal-00914257 - version 1]
On the possible climatic controls on the recent (2004-2013) variations of surface displacements of cryospheric landforms in an Andean environment (Chile, 33° S.)
Schiavone S., Bodin X., Brenning A., Quense J.
8th International Conference (IAG) on Geomorphology, France (2013) [halsde-00946988 - version 1]
5 millennia of Mediterranean mountain disturbance: soil erosion and vegetation dynamics recorded in Lake Petit (2200 m, South-Western Alps)
Brisset E., Miramont C., Guiter F., Cartier R., Anthony E. J., Poulenard J., Delhon C., Arnaud F., Meunier J. D., Sylvestre F. et al
8th International Conference (IAG) on Geomorphology, France (2013) [halsde-00867092 - version 1]
Capturing the timing and rates of valley incision through cave dating in the Eastern Pyrenees : geodynamic implications
Calvet M., Gunnel Y., Hez G., Braucher R., Guillou V., Bourles D., Delmas M., Sorriaux P.
8th International Conference (IAG) on Geomorphology, France (2013) [halsde-00867013 - version 1]
Relationships between land cover, land use change and erosion-sedimentation processes at the watershed level: A multitemporal study in the Cointzio watershed, Mexico
Mendoza M.E., Gratiot N., Lopez-Granados E., Arnaud F., Magand O., Prat C., Steves M.
8th International Conference (IAG) on Geomorphology, France (2013) [halsde-00866998 - version 1]
Suitability of OMI aerosol index to reflect mineral dust surface conditions: preliminary application for studying the link with meningitis epidemics in the Sahel.
Deroubaix A., Martiny N., Chiapello I., Marticoréna B.
Remote Sensing of Environment 133 (2013) 116-127 [hal-00828686 - version 1]