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''Plasma Phospholipid Transfer Protein (pltp) Is A Procoagulant Factor In Vivo''
Desrumaux C., Deckert V., Lemaire-Ewing S., Mossiat C., Athias A., Vandroux D., Dumont L., Monier S., J. -P. Pais De B., Klein A. et al
''Atherosclerosis Supplements'' 12 (2011) 95--96 [hal-00761450 - version 1]
Cloning and expression pattern of a putative octopamine/tyramine receptor in antennae of the noctuid moth Mamestra brassicae.
Brigaud I., Grosmaitre X., François M.-C., Jacquin-Joly E.
Cell & Tissue Research / Cell & Tissue Research (2008) epub ahead of print [hal-00355648 - version 1]
Odor vapor pressure and quality modulate local field potential oscillatory patterns in the olfactory bulb of the anesthetized rat
Cenier T., Amat C., Litaudon P., Garcia S., Lafaye De Micheaux P., Liquet B., Roux S. G., Buonviso N.
European Journal of Neuroscience 27, 6 (2008) 1432-1440 [hal-00299184 - version 1]
Toxicity and endocytosis of spinocerebellar ataxia type 6 polyglutamine domains: Role of myosin IIB
Marqueze-pouey B., Martin-moutot N., Sakkou-norton M., Leveque C., Ji Y., CORNET V., Hsiao W. L., Seagar M.
Traffic 9, 7 (2008) 1088-1100 [hal-00709920 - version 1]
Networks of the pooling type and optimal quantization
Amblard P.-O., Zozor S., Michel O. J.J.
Dans IEEE International Conference on Acoustic Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP) proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Acoustic Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), France (2006) [hal-00022660 - version 1]
Motor imagery of a lateralized sequential task is asymmetrically slowed in hemi-Parkinson's patients.
Dominey P., Decety J., Broussolle E., Chazot G., Jeannerod M.
Neuropsychologia 33, 6 (1995) 727-41 [hal-00655236 - version 1]
Vegetative response during imagined movement is proportional to mental effort.
Decety J., Jeannerod M., Germain M., Pastene J.
Behavioural Brain Research 42, 1 (1991) 1-5 [hal-00655225 - version 1]