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Surfactant Behavior of Ionic Liquids Involving a Drug: From Molecular Interactions to Self-Assembly
Tourne-Peteilh C., Coasne B., In M., Brevet D., Devoisselle J.-M., Vioux A., Viau L.
Langmuir 30 (2014) 1229-1238 [hal-00948479 - version 1]
Graphitization at low temperatures (600-1200 °C) in the presence of iron implications in planetology
Charon E., Rouzaud J.-N., Aleon J.
Carbon 66 (2014) 178-190 [hal-00968173 - version 1]
Foliar or root exposures to smelter particles: consequences for lead compartmentalization and speciation in plant leaves
Schreck E., Dappe V., Sarret G., Sobanska S., Nowak D., Nowak J., Stefaniak E.A., Magnin V., Ranieri V., Dumat C.
Science of the Total Environment 476 (2014) 667-676 [hal-00950611 - version 1]
Foliar exposure of the crop Lactuca sativa to silver nanoparticles: evidence for internalization and changes in Ag speciation
Larue C., Castillo-Michel H., Sobanska S., Cécillon L., Bureau S., Barthès V., Ouerdane L., Carrière M., Sarret G.
Journal of Hazardous Materials 264 (2014) 98-106 [hal-00913942 - version 1]
fulltext access LiHe spectra from brown dwarfs to helium clusters
Allard N. F., Nakayama A., Stienkemeier F., Kielkopf J. F., Guillon G., Viel A.
Advances in Space Research 54 (2014) 1290-1296 [hal-00876511 - version 1]
Coupled large amplitude motions: a case study of the dimethylbenzaldehyde isomers.
Tudorie M., Kleiner I., Jahn M., Grabow J.-U., Goubet M., Pirali O.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A 117, 50 (2013) 13636-47 [hal-00998491 - version 1]
The H + CO ⇌ HCO reaction studied by ab initio benchmark calculations.
Peters P. S., Duflot D., Wiesenfeld L., Toubin C.
Journal of Chemical Physics 139, 16 (2013) 164310 [hal-00880708 - version 1]
Slow Photoelectron Spectroscopy and state-selected unimolecular decomposition of ionized DNA bases analogues
Mahjoub A., Hochlaf M., Poisson L., Garcia G.A., Nahon L.
International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy, États-Unis (2013) [hal-00833167 - version 1]
Extension of the millimeter- and submillimeter-wave spectral databases of deuterated methyl cyanides (CH2DCN and CHD2CN)
Nguyen L., Walters A., Margulès L., Motiyenko R. A., Guillemin J.-C., Kahane C., Ceccarrelli C.
Astronomy & Astrophysics 553 (2013) A84/1-A84/7 [hal-00990279 - version 1]
VUV photoionization of gas phase adenine and cytosine: A comparison between oven and aerosol vaporization
Touboul D., Gaie-Levrel F., Garcia G.A., Nahon L., Poisson L., Schwell M., Hochlaf M.
Journal of Chemical Physics 138, 9 (2013) 094203 [hal-00803944 - version 1]