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Using the anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility to infer flow-induced orientation of anisotropic particles: feasibility and sensitivity
Akkoyun M., Majesté J.-C., Bascou J.
Rheologica Acta 52 (2013) 49-57 [hal-00867684 - version 1]
Surface-engineered Quantum Dots for the labeling of hydrophobic microdomains in bacterial biofilms
Aldeek F., Mustin C., Balan L., Rocques-Carmes T., Fontaine-Aupart M.P., Schneider R.
Biomaterials 32, 23 (2011) 5459-5470 [hal-00622595 - version 1]
Enhanced Photostability from CdSe(S)/ZnO Core/Shell Quantum Dots and Their Use in Biolabeling
Aldeek F., Mustin C., Balan L., Medjahdi G., Rocques-Carmes T., Arnoux P., Schneider R.
Biomaterials 6 (2011) 794-801 [hal-00588702 - version 1]
Imagerie de l'espace extracellulaire de biofilms bactériens à l'aide de nanocristaux fluorescents
Aldeek F., Mustin C., Balan L., Rocques-Carmes T., Block J.C., Schneider R.
Congrès Grand-EST, France (2010) [hal-00588714 - version 1]
Biocompatible and stable ZnO quantum dots generated by functionalization with siloxane-core PAMAM dendrons
Moussodia R.O., Balan L., Merlin C., Mustin C., Schneider R.
Journal of Materials Chemistry 20, 6 (2010) 1147-1155 [hal-00599116 - version 1]
Doping properties of PEDOT films electrosynthesized under high frequency ulutrasound irradiation
Et Taouil A., Lallemand F., Hihn J. Y., Melot J., Blondeau-Patissier V., Lakard B.
Ultrasonics Sonochemistry (2010) ULTSON-D-09-00344R2 [hal-00480640 - version 1]
Effect of chemical treatments of Alfa (Stipa tenacissima) fibres on water-sorption properties
Bessadok A., Marais S., Gouanvé F., Colasse L., Zimmerlin I., Roudesli S., Métayer M.
Composites Science and Technology 67, 3-4 (2007) 685-697 [hal-00372590 - version 1]