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Alterations in the Intestinal Microbiome (Dysbiosis) as a Predictor of Relapse After Infliximab Withdrawal in Crohn's Disease.
Rajca S., Grondin V., Louis E., Vernier-Massouille G., Grimaud J.-C., Bouhnik Y., Laharie D., Dupas J.-L., Pillant H., Picon L. et al
Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (2014) epub ahead of print [hal-00986861 - version 1]
Indirect estimation of the clay content of clay-rocks using acoustic measurements: New insights from the Montiers-sur-Saulx deep borehole (Meuse, France)
Cosenza P., Robinet J.C., Pret D., Huret E., Fleury M., Géraud Y., Lebon P., Villiéras F., Zamora M.
Marine and Petroleum Geology 53 (2014) 117-132 [hal-01006672 - version 1]
Role of permeability barriers in alluvial hydromorphic palaeosols: The Eocene Pondaung Formation, Myanmar
Licht A., Cojan I., Caner L., Soe A.N., Jaeger J.J., France-Lanord C.
Sedimentology 61, 2 (2014) 362-382 [hal-00968684 - version 1]
Low impact of phenanthrene dissipation on the bacterial community in grassland soil.
Niepceron M., Beguet J., Portet-Koltalo F., Martin-Laurent F., Quillet L., Bodilis J.
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 21, 4 (2014) 2977-87 [hal-00996954 - version 1]
On the Structures, Lifetimes, and Infrared Spectra of Alkylmercury Hydrides
Benidar A., Montero-Campillo M. M., Lamsabhi A.-M., Yáñez M., Bouilloud M., Guillemin J.-C., Mó O.
ChemPhysChem (2014) PagesAhead of Print [hal-00933515 - version 1]
Exceptional preservation of expandable clay minerals in the ca. 2.1 Ga black shales of the Francevillian basin, Gabon and its implication for atmospheric oxygen accumulation
Ossa F.O., El Albani A., Hofmann A., Bekker A., Gauthier-Lafaye F., Pambo F., Meunier A., Fontaine C., Boulvais P., Pierson-Wickmann A.C. et al
Chemical Geology 362, SI (2013) 181-192 [hal-00987673 - version 1]
A palaeo Tibet-Myanmar connection; reconstructing the late Eocene drainage system of central Myanmar using a multi-proxy approach
Licht A., France-Lanord C., Reisberg L., Fontaine C., Soe A.N., Jaeger J.J.
Journal of the Geological Society of London 170, 6 (2013) 929-939 [hal-01006641 - version 1]
First corrosion stages in Tournemire claystone/steel interaction: In situ experiment and modelling approach
Gaudin A., Bartier D., Truche L., Tinseau E., Focta F., Dyja V., Maillet A., Beaufort D.
Applied Clay Science 83-84 (2013) 457-468 [hal-00966869 - version 1]
Preparation of the Biochip experiment on the EXPOSE-R2 mission outside the International Space Station
Vigier F., Le Postollec A., Coussot G., Chaput D., Cottin H., Berger T., Incerti S., Triqueneaux S., Dobrijevic M., Vandenabeele-Trambouze O.
Advances in Space Research 52, 12 (2013) 2168-2179 [hal-00913615 - version 1]
GammaProteobacteria as a potential bioindicator of a multiple contamination by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in agricultural soils.
Niepceron M., Martin-Laurent F., Crampon M., Portet-Koltalo F., Akpa-Vinceslas M., Legras M., Bru D., Bureau F., Bodilis J.
Environmental Pollution 180 (2013) 199-205 [hal-00996945 - version 1]