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A new method for in line electrokinetic characterization of cakes
Lanteri Y., Ballout W., Fievet P., Deon S., Szymczyk A., Sauvade P.
Membrane Water Treatment 4, 3 (2013) 157-174 [hal-00915095 - version 1]
Transformation of various kinds of goethite into magnetite: Effect of chemical and surface properties.
Usman M., Abdelmoula M., Faure P., Ruby C., Hanna K.
Geoderma 197-198 (2013) 9-16 [hal-00916657 - version 1]
fulltext access Reagentless and silicate interference free electrochemical phosphate determination in seawater
Jońca J., Giraud W., Barus C., Comtat M., Striebig N., Thouron D., Garçon V.
Electrochimica Acta vol. 88 (2013) pp. 165-169 [hal-00877769 - version 1]
Treatment of hydrocarbon contamination under flow through conditions by using magnetite catalyzed chemical oxidation.
Usman M., Faure P., Lorgeoux C., Ruby C., Hanna K.
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 20, 1 (2013) 22-30 [hal-00916609 - version 1]
fulltext access Accounting robustly for instantaneous chemical equilibriums in reactive transport: A numerical method and its application to liquid-liquid extraction modeling
Métivier L., Roussel H.
Computers and Chemical Engineering 45 (2012) 50-61 [hal-00763697 - version 1]
fulltext access Strategies for solving index one DAE with non-negative constraints: Application to liquid-liquid extraction
Métivier L., Montarnal P.
Journal of Computational Physics 231, 7 (2012) 2945-2962 [hal-00763691 - version 1]
Application of magnetite-activated persulfate oxidation for the degradation of PAHs in contaminated soils.
Usman M., Faure P., Ruby C., Hanna K.
Chemosphere 87, 3 (2012) 234-240 [hal-00878576 - version 1]
Application of magnetite catalyzed chemical oxidation (Fenton-like and persulfate) for the remediation of oil hydrocarbon contamination
Usman M., Faure P., Hanna K., Abdelmoula M., Ruby C.
Fuel 96 (2012) 270-276 [hal-00878590 - version 1]
Remediation of PAH-contaminated soils by magnetite catalyzed Fenton-like oxidation.
Usman M., Faure P., Ruby C., Hanna K.
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 117-118 (2012) 10-17 [hal-00878582 - version 1]
Formation of green rust via mineralogical transformation of ferric oxides (ferrihydrite, goethite and hematite)
Usman M., Hanna K., Abdelmoula M., Zegeye A., Faure P., Ruby C.
Applied Clay Science 64 (2011) 38-43 [hal-00878568 - version 1]