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Sediment reworking by marine benthic species from the Gullmar Fjord (Western Sweden): Importance of faunal biovolume
Gilbert F., Hulth S., Grossi V., Poggiale J.-C., Desrosiers G., Rosenberg R., Gérino M., François-Carcaillet F., Michaud E., Stora G.
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 348 (2007) 133-144 [hal-00170982 - version 1]
Rabies virus matrix protein interplay with eIF3, new insights into rabies virus pathogenesis.
Komarova A. V., Real E., Borman A. M., Brocard M., England P., Tordo N., Hershey J. W. B., Kean K. M., Jacob Y.
Nucleic Acids Research 35, 5 (2007) 1522-32 [hal-00167791 - version 1]
Immunomodulation by maternal autoantibodies of the fetal serotoninergic 5-HT4 receptor and its consequences in early BALB/c mouse embryonic development.
Kamel R., Garcia S., Lezoualc'h F., Fischmeister R., Muller S., Hoebek J., Eftekhari P.
BMC Developmental Biology 7 (2007) 34 [hal-00165346 - version 1]
Soil-plant potassium transfer: impact of plant activity on clay minerals as seen from X-ray diffraction
Barre P., Catel N., Velde B., Abbadie L.
PLANT AND SOIL 292 (2007) 137-146 [bioemco-00160016 - version 1]
N-acyl homoserine lactones are degraded via an amidolytic activity in Comamonas sp. strain D1.
Uroz S., Dessaux Y., Oger P. M., Chhabra S. R., Cámara M., Williams P.
Arch Microbiol 187, 3 (2006) 249-256 [hal-00119105 - version 1]
An archaeal peptidase assembles into two different quaternary structures: A tetrahedron and a giant octahedron.
Schoehn G., Vellieux F. M. D., Asunción Durá M., Receveur-Bréchot V., Fabry C. M. S., Ruigrok R. W. H., Ebel C., Roussel A., Franzetti B.
The Journal of Biological Chemistry 281, 47 (2006) 36327-37 [hal-00475651 - version 1]
fulltext access Localization and chemical forms of cadmium in plant samples by combining analytical electron microscopy and X-ray spectromicroscopy
Isaure M.-P., Fayard B., Sarret G., Pairis S., Bourguignon J.
Spectrochimica Acta B 61, 12 (2006) 1242-1252 [hal-00126972 - version 1]
The genome of the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus.
Sodergren E., Weinstock G. M., Davidson E. H., Cameron R. A., Gibbs R. A., Angerer R. C., Angerer L. M., Arnone M. I., Burgess D. R., Burke R. D. et al
Science 314, 5801 (2006) 941-52 [hal-00358487 - version 1]
Influence of bacteria on lanthanide and actinide transfer from specific soil components (humus, soil minerals and vitrified municipal solid waste incinerator bottom ash) to corn plants: Sr-Nd isotope evidence.
Aouad G., Stille P., Crovisier J.-L., Geoffroy V. A., Meyer J.-M., Lahd-Geagea M.
Sci Total Environ 370, 2-3 (2006) 545-51 [hal-00118771 - version 1]
Genotyping of human cystic echinococcosis in Xinjiang, PR China.
Bart J.M., Abdukader M., Zhang Y.L., Lin R.Y., Wang Y.H., Nakao M., Ito A., Craig P.S., Piarroux R., Vuitton D.A. et al
Parasitology 133, Pt 5 (2006) 571-579 [hal-00494603 - version 1]