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A PIXE and ICP-MS analysis of metallic atmospheric contaminants in tree bark tissues, a basis for biomonitoring uses
Ayrault S., El Alaoui-Faris F.E., Asta J., Tissut M., Daudin L., Mariet C., Ravanel P., Gaudry A., Cherkaoui R.
Journal Of Toxicology And Environmental Health-Part A-Current Issues 70, 9 (2007) 742-749 [halsde-00283761 - version 1]
Mosaic of environments recorded by bryozoan faunas from the Middle Miocene of Hungary
Moissette P., Dulai A., Escarguel G., Kázmér M., Müller P., Saint Martin J.-P.
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 252 (2007) 530-556 [hal-00279911 - version 1]
Moissette P., Koskeridou E., Cornée J.-J., Guillocheau F., Lecuyer C.
Palaios 22 (2007) 200-211 [hal-00279728 - version 1]
Nannofacies analysis as a tool to reconstruct paleoenvironmental changes during the Early Toarcian anoxic event
Bour I., Mattioli E., Pittet B.
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 249 (2007) 58-79 [hal-00279702 - version 1]
Anaerobic 1-Alkene Metabolism by the Alkane- and Alkene-Degrading Sulfate Reducer Desulfatibacillum aliphaticivorans Strain CV2803T▼_
Grossi V., Cravo-Laureau C., Méou A., Raphel D., Garzino F., Hirschler-Réa A.
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 73, 24 (2007) 7882-7890 [hal-00269872 - version 1]
Alkane biodegradation and dynamics of phylogenetic subgroups of sulfate-reducing bacteria in an anoxic coastal marine sediment artificially contaminated with oil
Miralles G., Grossi V., Acquaviva M., Duran R., Claude Bertrand J., Cuny P.
Chemosphere 68 (2007) 1327-1334 [hal-00171086 - version 1]
Biodegradation of phytane (2,6,10,14-tetramethylhexadecane) and accumulation of related isoprenoidwaxesters by Mycobacteriumratisbonense strainSD4under nitrogen-starved conditions
A. Silva R., Grossi V., M. Alvarez H.
FEMS microbiology letters 272 (2007) 220-228 [hal-00171075 - version 1]
Sediment reworking by marine benthic species from the Gullmar Fjord (Western Sweden): Importance of faunal biovolume
Gilbert F., Hulth S., Grossi V., Poggiale J.-C., Desrosiers G., Rosenberg R., Gérino M., François-Carcaillet F., Michaud E., Stora G.
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 348 (2007) 133-144 [hal-00170982 - version 1]
Soil-plant potassium transfer: impact of plant activity on clay minerals as seen from X-ray diffraction
Barre P., Catel N., Velde B., Abbadie L.
PLANT AND SOIL 292 (2007) 137-146 [bioemco-00160016 - version 1]
fulltext access Ammonoïdes du Smithien (Trias inférieur) du Nord‐Ouest du Guangxi (Chine du Sud) et modélisation biogéographique de la récupération biotique des ammonoïdes après l'extinction de masse Permien/Trias
Brayard A.
Universität Zürich Université Claude Bernard - Lyon I (2006-07-07), Hugo Bucher - Gilles Escarguel (Dir.) [tel-00254879 - version 1]