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Sediment reworking by marine benthic species from the Gullmar Fjord (Western Sweden): Importance of faunal biovolume
Gilbert F., Hulth S., Grossi V., Poggiale J.-C., Desrosiers G., Rosenberg R., Gérino M., François-Carcaillet F., Michaud E., Stora G.
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 348 (2007) 133-144 [hal-00170982 - version 1]
Cold extends electromyography distinction between ion channel mutations causing myotonia.
Fournier E., Viala K., Gervais H., Sternberg D., Arzel-Hézode M., Laforêt P., Eymard B., Tabti N., Willer J.-C., Vial C. et al
Annals of Neurology 60, 3 (2006) 356-65 [hal-00272329 - version 1]
fulltext access Evidence of a 2-day periodicity of striae formation in the tropical scallop Comptopallium radula using calcein marking
Thébault J., Chauvaud L., Clavier J., Fichez R., Morize E.
Marine Biology 149, 2 (2006) 257-267 [hal-00449282 - version 1]
In vivo and in vitro functional characterization of Andersen's syndrome mutations.
Bendahhou S., Fournier E., Sternberg D., Bassez G., Furby A., Sereni C., Donaldson M. R., Larroque M.-M., Fontaine B., Barhanin J.
The Journal of Physiology 565, Pt 3 (2005) 731-41 [hal-00272219 - version 1]
A1152D mutation of the Na+ channel causes paramyotonia congenita and emphasizes the role of DIII/S4-S5 linker in fast inactivation.
Bouhours M., Luce S., Sternberg D., Willer J. C., Fontaine B., Tabti N.
The Journal of Physiology 565, Pt 2 (2005) 415-27 [hal-00272247 - version 1]
First upper molar and mandible shape of wood mice (Apodemus sylvaticus) from northern Germany: ageing, habitat and insularity
Renaud S.
Mammalian Biology 70, 3 (2005) 157-170 [hal-00180844 - version 1]
Right spatial neglect after left hemisphere stroke: qualitative and quantitative study.
Beis J.-M., Keller C., Morin N., Bartolomeo P., Bernati T., Chokron S., Leclercq M., Louis-Dreyfus A., Marchal F., Martin Y. et al
Neurology 63, 9 (2004) 1600-5 [hal-00271980 - version 1]
Electromyography guides toward subgroups of mutations in muscle channelopathies.
Fournier E., Arzel M., Sternberg D., Vicart S., Laforet P., Eymard B., Willer J.-C., Tabti N., Fontaine B.
Annals of Neurology 56, 5 (2004) 650-61 [hal-00272130 - version 1]
Preserved auditory cognitive ERPs in severe akinetic mutism: a case report.
Naccache L., Obadia M., Crozier S., Detante O., Guillerm C., Bonneville F., Dormont D., Willer J.-C., Samson Y.
Cognitive Brain Researchearch / Brain Researchearch Cognitive Brain Researchearch 19, 2 (2004) 202-5 [hal-00272145 - version 1]
Functional characterization and cold sensitivity of T1313A, a new mutation of the skeletal muscle sodium channel causing paramyotonia congenita in humans.
Bouhours M., Sternberg D., Davoine C.-S., Ferrer X., Willer J. C., Fontaine B., Tabti N.
The Journal of Physiology 554, Pt 3 (2004) 635-47 [hal-00272125 - version 1]