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fulltext access Palaeoenvironments and palaeoclimate records in lacustrine deposits at the Eocene-Oligocene Transition. New insight from de CDB1 borehole (Rennes Basin, France)
Bauer H., Châteauneuf J.-J., Bourdillon C., Saint-Marc P., Guillocheau F.
19th International Sedimentological Congress : ISC 2014, Suisse (2014) [hal-00995163 - version 1]
fulltext access Chemical probes of turbulence in the diffuse medium: the TDR model
Godard B., Falgarone E., Pineau Des Forêts G.
[hal-01056123 - version 1] (15/08/2014)
Distribution of discrete seismic asperities and aseismic slip along the Ecuadorian megathrust,
Chlieh M., Mothes P., Nocquet J.-M., Jarin P., Charvis P., Cisneros D., Font Y., Collot J.-Y., Villegas-Lanza J.C., Rolandone F. et al
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 400 (2014) 292-301 [hal-01052608 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Properties of the CO and H$_2$O MOLsphere of the red supergiant Betelgeuse from VLTI/AMBER observations
Montargès M., Kervella P., Perrin G., Ohnaka K., Chiavassa A., Ridgway S. T., Lacour S.
[hal-01055899 - version 1] (2014-08-14)
fulltext accessible on an other server Rossiter-McLaughlin Observations of 55 Cnc e
Lopez-Morales M., Triaud A. H. M. J., Rodler F., Dumusque X., Buchhave L. A., Harutyunyan A., Hoyer S., Alonso R., Gillon M., Kaib N. A. et al
[hal-01062137 - version 1] (09/09/2014)
fulltext accessible on an other server Terrestrial Planet Formation in the Presence of Migrating Super-earths
Izidoro A., Morbidelli A., Raymond S. N.
[hal-01062140 - version 1] (09/09/2014)
Dykes of the 1.11 Ga Umkondo LIP, Southern Africa: Clues to a complex plumbing system
De Kock M. O., Ernst R. E., Söderlund U., Jourdan F., Le Gall B., Bertrand H., Chisonga B. C., Beukes N. J., Rajesh H.M., Moseki L.M. et al
Precambrian Research 249 (2014) 129-143 [insu-01004015 - version 1]
Processes controlling very low sedimentation rates on the continental slope of the Gonone-Orosei canyon system, NE Sardinia--terrestrial and oceanic significance.
Giresse P., Pascucci V., Lymer G., Gaullier V., Thinon I.
Geo-Marine Letters (2014) 1-16 [hal-01059443 - version 1]
Search for surface magnetic fields in Mira stars: first results on χ Cyg
Lèbre A., Aurière M., Fabas N., Gillet D., Herpin F., Petit P., Konstantinova-Antova R.
Dans Magnetic Fields throughout Stellar Evolution, Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, , IAU Symposium, Volume 302, pp. 385-388 - 2014 - held 30 august 2013 - Biaritz - France -2014IAUS..302..385L - Magnetic Fields throughout Stellar Evolution, France (2013) [hal-01061808 - version 1]
Labrador current variability over the last 2000 years
Sicre M.-A., Weckström K., Seidenkrantz M.-S., Kuijpers A., Benetti M., Massé G., Ezat U., Schmidt S., Bouloubassi I., Olsen J. et al
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 400 (2014) 26-32 [hal-01060154 - version 1]