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SP2DINV: A 2 D forward and inverse code for streaming potential problems
Soueid Ahmed A., Jardani A., Revil A., Dupont J.
Computers&Geosciences 59 (2013) 9-16 [hal-00925593 - version 1]
Links between multidecadal and interdecadal climatic oscillations in the North Atlantic and regional climate variability of northern France and England since the 17th century
Dieppois B., DURAND A., Fournier M., Massei N.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 118 (2013) 4359-4372 [hal-00925504 - version 1]
Reaction of NO2 with Selected Conjugated Alkenes
Bernard F., Cazaunau M., Mu Y., Wang X., Daële V., Chen J., Mellouki A.
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 117 (2013) 14132-14140 [insu-00925021 - version 1]
Fosso Menkem E., Sebag D., Ngounou Ngatcha B.
American Journal of Geosciences 3, 2 (2013) 23-29 [hal-00924724 - version 1]
Additional records and distribution (2011-2012) of Hemigrapsus sanguineus (De Haan, 1835) along the French coast of the English Channel
Gothland M., Dauvin J. C., Denis L., Jobert S., Ovaert J., Pezy J.-P., Spilmont N.
Management of Biological Invasions 4, 4 (2013) 305-315 [hal-00924658 - version 1]
Potential of SPOT Multispectral Satellite Images for Mapping Topsoil Organic Carbon Content over Peri-Urban Croplands
Vaudour E., BEL L., Gilliot J.-M., Coquet Y., Hadjar D., Cambier P., Michelin J., Houot S.
Soil Science Society of America Journal 77, 6 (2013) 2122-2139 [insu-00918215 - version 1]
fulltext access Water reservoirs, irrigation and sedimentation in Central Asia: a first-cut assessment for Uzbekistan
Rakhmatullaev S., Huneau F., Celle-Jeanton H., Le Coustumer P., Motelica-Heino M., Bakiev M.
Environmental Earth Science 68, 4 (2013) 985-998 [insu-00723243 - version 1]
Focusing wave group on a current of finite depth
Merkoune D., Touboul J., Abcha N., Mouazé D., Ezersky A.
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 13 (2013) 2941-2949 [hal-00914200 - version 1]
Evidence for Storegga tsunami run-up at the head of Nordfjord, western Norway
Vasskog K., Waldmann N., Bondevik S., Nesje A., Chapron E., Ariztegui D.
Journal of Quaternary Science 28, 4 (2013) 391-402 [insu-00910703 - version 1]
fulltext access Equilibrium Partial Pressure of CO2 in the Callovo-Oxfordian Argillite as a Function of Relative Humidity.
Lassin A., Marty N. C., Henry B., Tremosa J., Gailhanou H., Altman S., Gaucher E. C.
Procedia Earth and Planetary Science 7 (2013) 459-462 [insu-00825201 - version 1]