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Reaction of NO2 with Selected Conjugated Alkenes
Bernard F., Cazaunau M., Mu Y., Wang X., Daële V., Chen J., Mellouki A.
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 117 (2013) 14132-14140 [insu-00925021 - version 1]
Fosso Menkem E., Sebag D., Ngounou Ngatcha B.
American Journal of Geosciences 3, 2 (2013) 23-29 [hal-00924724 - version 1]
Additional records and distribution (2011-2012) of Hemigrapsus sanguineus (De Haan, 1835) along the French coast of the English Channel
Gothland M., Dauvin J. C., Denis L., Jobert S., Ovaert J., Pezy J.-P., Spilmont N.
Management of Biological Invasions 4, 4 (2013) 305-315 [hal-00924658 - version 1]
Potential of SPOT Multispectral Satellite Images for Mapping Topsoil Organic Carbon Content over Peri-Urban Croplands
Vaudour E., BEL L., Gilliot J.-M., Coquet Y., Hadjar D., Cambier P., Michelin J., Houot S.
Soil Science Society of America Journal 77, 6 (2013) 2122-2139 [insu-00918215 - version 1]
fulltext access Water reservoirs, irrigation and sedimentation in Central Asia: a first-cut assessment for Uzbekistan
Rakhmatullaev S., Huneau F., Celle-Jeanton H., Le Coustumer P., Motelica-Heino M., Bakiev M.
Environmental Earth Science 68, 4 (2013) 985-998 [insu-00723243 - version 1]
Focusing wave group on a current of finite depth
Merkoune D., Touboul J., Abcha N., Mouazé D., Ezersky A.
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 13 (2013) 2941-2949 [hal-00914200 - version 1]
Evidence for Storegga tsunami run-up at the head of Nordfjord, western Norway
Vasskog K., Waldmann N., Bondevik S., Nesje A., Chapron E., Ariztegui D.
Journal of Quaternary Science 28, 4 (2013) 391-402 [insu-00910703 - version 1]
fulltext access Equilibrium Partial Pressure of CO2 in the Callovo-Oxfordian Argillite as a Function of Relative Humidity.
Lassin A., Marty N. C., Henry B., Tremosa J., Gailhanou H., Altman S., Gaucher E. C.
Procedia Earth and Planetary Science 7 (2013) 459-462 [insu-00825201 - version 1]
fulltext access Infrared-Thermodynamics Conversion as a Function of Temperature: Towards Confined Water
Bergonzi I., Mercury L.
Dans Transport and Reactivity of Solutions in Confined Hydrosystems (2013) 43-53 [insu-00906892 - version 1]
fulltext access Geochemistry of Capillary Hydrogeochemical Systems in Arid Environments
Lassin A., Mercury L., Azaroual M.
Dans Transport and Reactivity of Solutions in Confined Hydrosystems (2013) 213-221 [insu-00906685 - version 1]