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Decoupling the environmental controlS ON the δD of miliacin. Greenhouse Experiments
Bossard N., Jacob J., Bariac T., Terwilliger V. T., Le Milbeau C., Biron P., Richard P., Lallier-Vergès E.
IMOG, Espagne (2013) [insu-00843525 - version 1]
Microwave L‐band Dielectric Constant and Brightness Temperature Estimates of Organic‐Rich Soils in the Boreal Zone
Bircher S., Wigneron J. P., Demontoux F., Rautiainen K., Pulliainen J., Richaume P., Schwank M., Mironov V., Jaakko S., Kerr Y.
Dans dans actes de : 2013 European Space Agency Living Planet Symposium, Edinburgh 9-12 septembre 2013 - 2013 European Space Agency Living Planet Symposium, Royaume-Uni (2013) [hal-00873460 - version 1]
fulltext access Effet du swash sur l'érosion d'un escarpement de haut de plage
Bonte Y.
Université de Caen (09/07/2013), Franck Levoy (Dir.) [tel-00903357 - version 1]
fulltext access Sensitivity of Main Polarimetric Parameters of Multifrequency Polarimetric SAR Data to Soil Moisture and Surface Roughness Over Bare Agricultural Soils
Baghdadi N., Dubois-Fernandez P., Dupuis X., Zribi M.
IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letterss 10, 4 (2013) 731-735 [hal-00910968 - version 1]
fulltext access Modification of water transfer properties on historical limestones induced by bio-calcification treatment
Rozenbaum O., Rouet J.-L.
[insu-00861271 - version 1] (12/09/2013)
Denudation rates of the Southern Espinhaco Range, Minas Gerais, Brazil, determined by in situ-produced cosmogenic beryllium-10
Barreto H. N., Varajao C. A. C., BRAUCHER R., BOURLES D., Salgado A. A. R., Varajao A. F. D. C.
Geomorphology 191 (2013) 1-13 [hal-00873907 - version 1]
Dating chert (diagenetic silica) using in-situ produced Be-10: Possible complications revealed through a comparison with Cl-36 applied to coexisting limestone
Zerathe S., BRAUCHER R., Lebourg T., BOURLES D., Manetti M., LEANNI L.
Quaternary Geochronology 17 (2013) 81-93 [hal-00873909 - version 1]
fulltext access Experimental assessment of CO2-mineral-toxic ion interactions in a simplified freshwater aquifer: Implications for CO2 leakage from deep geological storage
Montes-Hernandez G., Renard F., Lafay R.
Environmental Science and Technology 47 (2013) 6247-6253 [insu-00836892 - version 1]
fulltext access Evaluation of a simple approach for crop evapotranspiration partitioning and analysis of the water budget distribution for several crop species
Beziat P., Rivalland V., Tallec T., Jarosz N., Boulet G., Gentine P., Ceschia E.
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 177, C (2013) 46-56 [hal-00825226 - version 1]
Temperature- and Texture-Dependent Dielectric Model for Moist Soils at 1.4 GHz
Mironov V., Kerr Y., Wigneron J. P., Kosolapova L.G., Demontoux F.
IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letterss 10, 3 (2013) 419-423 [hal-00804761 - version 1]