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fulltext access BSA and lysozyme adsorption on homoionic montmorillonite: Influence of the interlayer cation
Lepoitevin M., Jaber M., Guégan R., Janot J.-M., Dejardin P., Henn F., Balme S.
Applied Clay Science 95 (2014) 396-402 [insu-01017005 - version 1]
fulltext access Biopolymer nanocomposites based on poly(hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate) reinforced by a nonionic organoclay
Carli L. N., Daitx T. S., Guégan R., Giovanela M., Crespo J. S., Mauler R. S.
Polymer International Accepted manuscript (2014) 24 p. [insu-01016483 - version 1]
fulltext access Remobilisation of uranium from contaminated freshwater sediments by bioturbation
Lagauzère S., Motelica-Heino M., Viollier E., Stora G., Bonzom J.M.
Biogeosciences 11 (2014) 3381-3396 [insu-01016372 - version 1]
fulltext access Multi-depth electrical resistivity survey for mapping soil units within two 3 ha plots
Buvat S., Thiesson J., Michelin J., Nicoullaud B., Bourennane H., Coquet Y., Tabbagh A.
Geoderma 232-234 (2014) 317-327 [insu-01010764 - version 1]
Mixing parameterization: Impacts on rip currents and wave set-up
Bennis A.-C., Dumas F., Ardhuin F., Blanke B.
Ocean Engineering 84 (2014) 213-227 [hal-00996063 - version 1]
The primokarst, former stages of karstification, or how solution caves can born
Rodet J.
Geologica Belgica 17, 1 (2014) 58-65 [hal-00993883 - version 1]
Multiscale patterns in the diversity and organization of benthic intertidal fauna among French Atlantic estuaries
Blanchet H., Gouillieux B., Alizier S., Amouroux J.-M., Bachelet G., Barillé A.-L., Dauvin J.-C., De Montaudouin X., Derolez V., Desroy N. et al
Journal of Sea Research 90 (2014) 95-110 [hal-00992687 - version 1]
New marine amphipod records on the Algerian coast
Ali B., Dauvin J. C., Grimes S.
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 94, 4 (2014) 753-762 [hal-00992598 - version 1]
Mobility and phytoavailability of Cu, Cr, Zn, and As in a contaminated soil at a wood preservation site after 4 years of aided phytostabilization
Hattab N., Motelica-Heino M., Bourrat X., Mench M.
Environmental Science and Pollution Research Accepted manuscript (2014) 5 p. [insu-00991112 - version 1]
fulltext access Representative elementary volume assessment of three-dimensional x-ray microtomography images of heterogeneous materials: Application to limestones
Rozenbaum O., Rolland Du Roscoat S.
Physical Review E 89, 053304 (2014) 11 p. [insu-00991067 - version 1]