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Hydraulic, physical and rheological characteristics of rain-triggered lahars at Semeru volcano, Indonesia
Dumaisnil C., Thouret J.-C., Chambon G., Doyle E. E., Cronin S.J., Surono M.
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 35 (2010) 1573-1590 [hal-00566773 - version 1]
The origin of the ferroan-potassic a-type granitoids: the case of the hornblende-biotite granite suite of the mesoproterozoic mazury complex, northeastern Poland
Duchesne J.-C., Martin H., Baginski B., Wiszniewska J., Vander Auwera J.
The Canadian Mineralogist 48 (2010) 947-968 [hal-00566770 - version 1]
XPS and XAS investigation of Sb(V) reduction on mackinawite: Effect of pH and surface loading
Banerjee D., Kirsch R., Scheinost A.C.
Dans Not available - Goldschmidt Conference, France (2010) [insu-00566313 - version 1]
Clayey Landslide Investigations Using Active and Passive VS Measurements
Renalier F., Bièvre G., Jongmans D., Campillo M., Bard P.-Y.
Dans Advances in Near-surface Seismology and Ground-penetrating Radar (2010) 397-414 [insu-00565892 - version 1]
Inversion Methodology of Dispersive Amplitude and Phase versus Offset of GPR Curves (DAPVO) for Thin Beds
Deparis J., Garambois S.
Dans Advances in Near-surface Seismology and Ground-penetrating Radar (2010) 219-232 [insu-00565890 - version 1]
Chemical weathering of silicate minerals: Linking laboratory and natural alteration
Hellmann R., Wirth R., Barnes J.-P.
Dans Water-Rock Interaction XIII (2010) 27-30 [insu-00565653 - version 1]
From Non-invasive Site Characterization to Site Amplification: Recent Advances in the Use of Ambient Vibration Measurements
Bard P.-Y., Cadet H., Endrun B., Hobiger M., Renalier F., Theodulidis N., Ohrnberger M., Fäh D., Sabetta F., Teves-Costa P.
Dans EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING IN EUROPE (2010) 105-123 [insu-00565407 - version 1]
Adaptively smoothed seismicity earthquake forecasts for Italy
Werner M. J., Helmstetter A., Jackson D. D., Kagan Y. Y., Wiemer S.
Annals of Geophysics 53 (2010) Pas de N° de page [insu-00565379 - version 1]
How is Volcano Seismicity Different from Tectonic Seismicity?
Traversa P., Grasso J.-R.
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 100, 4 (2010) 1755-1769 [insu-00565377 - version 1]
Geoacoustic inversion with two source-receiver arrays in shallow water
Sukhovich A., Roux P., Wathelet M.
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 128, 2 (2010) 702-710 [insu-00565375 - version 1]