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Synoptic variability of the monsoon flux over West Africa prior to the onset
Couvreux F., Guichard F., Bock O., Campistron B., Lafore J.-P., Redelsperger J.-L.
Quarterly Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 136, S1 (2010) 159-173 [hal-00415876 - version 1]
Isotopic tracing of clear water sources in an urban sewer: a combined water and dissolved sulfate stable isotopes approach
Houhou J., Lartiges B.S., France-Lanord C., Guilmette C., Poix S., Mustin C.
Water Research (2010) 256-266 [hal-00415731 - version 1]
fulltext access Carboxylic acid sorption on synthetic clays in marine water: in vitro experiments and implications for organo-clay behaviour under marine conditions
Drouin S., Boussafir M., Robert J.-L., Albéric P., Durand A.
Organic Geochemistry 41, 2 (2010) 192-199 [insu-00415576 - version 1]
Climate adjustments over Africa accompanying the Indian monsoon onset
Camberlin P., Fontaine B., Louvet S., Oettli P., Valimba P.
Journal of Climate 23, 8 (2010) 2047-2064 [hal-00414676 - version 1]
Understanding the West African monsoon variability and its remote effects: an illustration of the grid point nudging methodology
Bielli S., Douville H., Pohl B.
Climate Dynamics 35 (2010) 159-174 [hal-00413961 - version 1]
Sedimentological and geochemical records of past trophic state and hypolimnetic anoxia in large, hard-water Lake Bourget, French Alps
Giguet-Covex C., Arnaud F., Poulenard J., Enters D., Reyss J.-L., Millet L., Lazzaroto J., Vidal O.
Journal of Paleolimnology 43 (2010) 171-190 [insu-00411113 - version 1]
Cross-hemispheric transport of central African biomass burning pollutants: implications for downwind ozone production
Real E., Orlandi E., Law K. S., Fierli F., Josset D., Cairo F., Schlager H., Borrmann S., Kunkel D., Volk M. et al
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 10, 6 (2010) 3027-3046 [hal-00410675 - version 1]
fulltext access Controls on magma permeability in the volcanic conduit during the climactic phase of the Kos Plateau Tuff eruption (Aegean Arc)
Degruyter W., Bachmann O., Burgisser A.
Bulletin of Volcanology / Bull Volcanic Eruptions 72 (2010) 63-74 [insu-00409820 - version 1]
fulltext access Full Scale Dynamic Response of a RC Building under Weak Seismic Motions Using Earthquake Recordings, Ambient Vibrations and Modelling
Michel C., Guéguen P., El Arem S., Mazars J., Kotronis P.
Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics 39, 4 (2010) 419-441 [hal-00177086 - version 2]
Diurnal cycle of the intertropical discontinuity over West Africa analysed by remote sensing and mesoscale modelling
Pospichal B., Bou Karam D., Crewell S., Flamant C., Hünerbein A., Bock O., Saïd F.
Quarterly Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 136, S1 (2010) 92-106 [hal-00400673 - version 1]