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Miocene magmatism and tectonics within the Peri-Alboran orogen (western Mediterranean)
El Azzouzi M., Bellon H., Coutelle A., Réhault J.-P.
Journal of Geodynamics (2014) 171-185 [insu-01018712 - version 1]
A GPS network for tropospheric tomography in the framework of the Mediterranean hydrometeorological observatory Cévennes-Vivarais (south-eastern France)
Brenot H., Walpersdorf A., Reverdy M., Van Baelen J., Ducrocq V., Champollion C., Masson F., DOERFLINGER E., COLLARD P.
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 7 (2014) 553-578 [hal-01022833 - version 1]
Investigating possible gravity change rates expected from long-term deep crustal processes in Taiwan
Mouyen M., Simoes M., Mouthereau F., Masson F., Hwang C., Chen Ching C.
Geophysical Journal International 198, 1 (2014) 187-197 [hal-01010708 - version 1]
Fontanier C., Duros P., Toyofuku T., Oguri K., Koho K. A., Buscail R., Gremare A., RADAKOVITCH O., Deflandre B., De nooijer L. J. et al
Journal of Foraminiferal Research 44, 3 (2014) 281-299 [hal-01061551 - version 1]
Mechanisms of time-dependent deformation in porous limestone
Brantut N., Heap M., Baud P., Meredith P.
Journal of Geophysical Research (2014) 5444-5463 [hal-01061474 - version 1]
Cropping system dynamics, climate variability, and seed losses among East African smallholder farmers: a retrospective survey.
Leclerc C., Mwongera C., Camberlin P., Moron V.
Weather, Climate, and Society 6, 3 (2014) 354-370 [hal-01056221 - version 1]
Continental subduction recorded by Neoproterozoic eclogite and garnet amphibolites from Western Hoggar (Tassendjanet terrane, Tuareg Shield, Algeria)
Berger J., Ouzegane K., Bendaoud A., Liegeois J.-P., Kienast J.-R., BRUGUIER O., CABY R.
Precambrian Research 247 (2014) 139-158 [hal-01054338 - version 1]
Late Miocene to present-day exhumation and uplift of the Internal Zone of the Rif chain: Insights from low temperature thermochronometry and basin analysis
Romagny A., MUNCH P., CORNEE J.-J., Corsini M., Azdimousa A., Melinte-dobrinescu M.C., Drinia H., BONNO M., ARNAUD N., MONIE P. et al
Journal of Geodynamics 77 (2014) 39-55 [hal-01053531 - version 1]
Active tectonics of the Northern Rif (Morocco) from geomorphic and geochronological data
POUJOL A., RITZ J.-F., Tahayt A., VERNANT P., CONDOMINES M., Blard P.-H., Billant J., Vacher L., Tibari B., Hni L. et al
Journal of Geodynamics 77 (2014) 70-88 [hal-01053492 - version 1]
Electromagnetic characterization of organic-rich soils at the microwave L-band with ground-penetrating radar, radiometry and laboratory measurements
Jonard F., Demontoux F., Bircher S., Razafindratsima S., Schwank M., Weihermüller L., Wigneron J. P., Kerr Y., Lambot S., Vereecken H.
Dans dans actes 15th International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar GPR 2014 - 15th International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar, Belgique (2014) [hal-00985159 - version 1]